Finally My First Blog’s!!

I have been waiting for so long to write a Blog lol!!Finally today I’m made out my mind!!
Why finally today?? n the reason r;–

  1. In the past 2 years I hav been reading n commenting on other blog’s
  2. I’m enjoying reading others blog
  3. Along this past 2 years I read others blogs but I never hav attention at all to write blog
  4. N finally why today??
  5. I dont want u to be boring no more..
  6. But the reason r just to childish I think..hehehe
  7. It is just bcoz….jeng3x!!
  8. I’m jealous!!why is a 14 years old girl already hav a blog???
  9. n then again..why??Im 18 but still hav no attention to write a blog???
  10. r they just too growing up!!or I’m just the one who don’t want to grow up??haha..
  11. I’m starting playing internet when I was 16!!sixteen!!age 14 still playing barbie..hehe
  12. When my brothers n sister busy playing internet with friendster,myspace n stuff..
  13. I’m just like..what??what is that??u could do that?? n many question get out of my mind
  14. N now I know what exactly it is…but still my dad could’nt beat me up with tech….
  15. I’m more pro than him lol!!haha..(why am I comparing wif my dad??)
  16. soo childish—that’s typicaly me..n me!!

Ahhhh..should I be Happy or Not??

N enough wif the reason to start a blog n There’s some reason why I dont want to started a blog,hmm..let me listed for u’ll;- (piisss;If u don’t want to read it-skip it)

  1. I don’t hav a proper good camera lol!!only from lopek phone(soon I will get 1–I’m promised to myself!!yeah I will hav 1)
  2. I don’t hav my own laptop!!I will hav my own laptop soon!! yeah!!!
  3. I hav a lot to say but I dont like typing..It’s get me sleepy..hmm(now i’m sllepy)
  4. It hard to share the same PC n laptop with others(no privacy)
  5. brothers n sis just too busy body with all thing that i’m doing..sshhuuuhh..
  6. I know u wanna protect me but please..I need my own space..
  7. I wanna rip my heart out!!

That’s all for the first post..I will continued it wif what I’m frustrating bout today..such a frustrating days!!—zzziiiiippp—-finish!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on November 22, 2008.

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