Onew Post!!OnDuBu only!!The Dorky Leader Of SHINee!!

Just love the Ondubu Hair..Hehehe
Just love the Ondubu Hair..Hehehe ondubu hair!!So funny++so cute!!hehehe..

n here I want to made onew thread coz i’m really2 heart him!!his onew condition just really2 made my days..

he’s funny n at the same time really2 inteligence!! My perfect future husband!!hahaha..he’s don’t hav to be perfect..just make me laugh is the best things lol!!



The first time I saw him on TV is when I watch Music Bank in KBS World..

TQ to KBS for publish him to me(hahaha)..

Firstly I like..owh!!the Replay song r just nice..totally suites my genres of song that I like..then I search the it..felt in love with it….not enough!!!hmmm…I search the MV…arrggghh..they’ll really2 looks cute…but still I didn’t noticed him at all… Onew not so shine than others….he always dance in the side…why??bcoz he’s not the lead dancer but then his voice just melt my heart…..but still i’m not totally like him…..

2N then I watch the Star Golden Bell Challenge…n there he of the guest star!! arghh…but he’s with TaeMin..n again…Taemin shine more than him..coz taemin a bit cute than him..n then…i just like WHAT???

Taemin is 15???wow….to young to be a singer…(that’s only my opinion lol!!)..he should be at school study for future..not singing..then I know how Korean Idol r..they started singing in early the same time still going to school!!…for me that’s boring….u don’t hav enough time to enjoy your youth days lol!!..hanging out with frens everywhere we like…breaking the rules….find a BF n stuff that only this youth time can going lol!going to arcades n nobody cares….but that early ages u’re already an Idol…100% of things that u doing r been watching 24/7…from fans….


Now he totally grown up a bit than the pic above but still maintain the cutenest !!!arrgghh…he’s a baby…n the age just fainted me..



Just look the pic above…ahhh….adorable faces right???….the hair is changing a lot….to mushroom hair to coolz hair….he looks cute wif mushroom hair but wif that coolz new hairdo he just change from cute to sexy charisma Taemin…..oowwwhhh.soo hot!!I meant the pic lol!!

And enough with taemin lol!!!!


This is suppose to be Onew Thread!! but I just can’t resist Taeminnie cutenest!!

n back to the topics…after the SGB…n then I search at Youtube bout SHINee….n wwwoooww…there’s a lot…then I’m started to watch the SHINee YunhaNam…Mnet CountDown n some of their performances….suddenly my heart pound at onew…his characters n his *Onew SangTae* thing just stole my heart….hahahaha…ahhhh…he’s just too adorable n also a great leader too!!

1Ahhh….looks at that,he’s doing his sangtae(condition) again lol!!cute isn’t he suppose to pose??not walking…hehehe…look at that face totally innocent like what??owh we suppose to pose right??wait2 I’ve got to walk to that side first..LOl..hahaha..

Onew (온유 or 温流) (The Leader)

  • Birth name: Lee Jinki (이진기)
  • Nicknames : Leader Onew/Ondubu(reason nn:for his soft skin like tofu)/Jinki
  • Birth date: December 14, 1989 (1989-12-14) (age 18)
  • Position: Leader, Sub Vocal
  • was Student at SM Academy before debut
  • Height : 177 cm
  • BloodType: O
  • Hobby / Interest : Piano,Mandarin,music

And a little bit bout SHINee : (proper credit to

Shinee is a contemporary group signed under SM Entertainment. The group consists of five members: Onew (온유), Jonghyun (종헌), Key (키), Minho (민호), & Taemin (태민) who are between the ages of 14 and 18 (as of May 2008). Their first music video and single was “누난 너무 예뻐” also known as Replay and it became an instant hit among many noonas across the nation. With their likable charms, cute faces, & talent, it’s no wonder that SHINee quickly became popular within just a month from their debut. Hoping to become the future leaders in music, dancing, and fashion, they are a very promising group with even more success to come.


Buy their original album….n also support the official SHINee International Forums-


누나 너무 예뻐
1. 누나 너무 예뻐 (Replay)
2. In my room
3. Real
4. 사.계.한 (Love should go on)
5. 누나 너무 예뻐 (Replay/Boom Track)

01. The SHINee World (doo-bop)
02. 사랑의 길 (Love’s Way)
03. 산소 같은 너 (Love like Oxygen)
04. 너 아니면 안되는 걸 (ROMANTIC)
05. 그녀가 헤어졌다 (One for Me)
06. 화장을 하고 (Graze)
07. 마지막 선물 (Last Gift) (In my room-Prelude)
08. 내 곁에만 있어 (Best Place)
09. 혜야 (Y Si Fuera Ella)
10. 눈을 감아보면 (Four Seasons)
11. In My Room (Unplugged Remix)
12. 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)

…….01 . 아.미.고 (Amigo)
…….02 . Forever or Never
…….03 . 산소같은 너 (Love like Oxygen)
…….04 . 사.계.한 (Plugged by DJ_Oneshot)
…….05 . 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)
…….06 . 너 아니면 안 되는걸 (ROMANTIC)
…….07 . 사랑의 길 (Love’s Way)
…….08 . 그녀가 헤어졌다 (One for me)
…….09 . 화장을 하고 (Graze)
…….10 . 마지막 선물 (Last Gift)(In my room – Prelude)
…….11 . 내 곁에만 있어 (Best Place)
…….12 . 혜야 (Y Si Fuera Ella)
…….13 . 눈을 감아보면 (Four Seasons)
…….14 . In my room (Unplugged Remix)
…….15 . The SHINee World (doo-bop)


Ahhh…the young onew…the eyebrows r killing me..hahaha..he’s look innocent…Do u spot him in the class photo???

n also he’s got long hair lol!!totally cute…I think he goes to boys school…cuz a lot of photo of boys only in his past school years…anyway he’s the cutest… n the smartest kids in his school…ooppss..I meant he’s the 2nd smartest in the whole school….yeah..he’s one smart boys….that’s why I really2 adore him..hmmm……hehehe


Last but not least…haha..evil onew-ah!!

(all photo r credit to


~ by Qea Heart Kpop on November 23, 2008.

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  1. Cutes………..^^

  2. awww im an onew fan too 🙂


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