My Personal Favourite Song Ever

My Personal Favourite Song

Gomapseumnida Lyrics

(Thank you OST – Track 2)

Gomapseumnida / Komapseumnida (Thank You – 2nd Track)
Singer: Hun / Romanization by Kreahtangshinun paboneyo
chongmal gomapseumnida
na hanabakke morugo
akkimobshi ta chun saram
tangshinun chonsaneyo
ttaerol him-deul-go chichiltende
amugotdo bolkodomnun saramul
pyonhamobshi midochuneyo
isanghajyo kudaen nunmul-sae-mi omna-pwayo
apado nalwi-hyae nurusojuneyo
kudae gyoteso
nan haengbokhaeso uneyo
mok kkute cha-in-nun ku mal
chongmal sarang-hamnida
pyo-hyon-do motharun mon-nan nae sarang
ijaesoya marhaneyu nan
kudae-isso sarakajyu
isanghajyo kudaen nunmul-sae-mi […]

English Translation of the OST Thank you (Singer: Hun)
Lyrics Translation by S. Ang /also credit

You’re a fool. I truly thank you.
You’re true to me and gave me everything
You’re an angel.
You must be tired and find it hard to
everlastingly believe in someone who is a nobody.
Strange, it’s like you’re devoid of tears.
You smile for me in illness.
When I’m next to you, I cry tears of happiness.
Words are stuck in my throat. I truly love you.
My love for you, which I cannot express.
I can finally tell you I go on because of you.
Strange, it’s like you’re devoid of tears.
You smile for me in illness.
When I’m next to you, I feel very happy.
Your smile shines on me.
A long time from now, when the world ends, remember,
do not forget I’m always with you.
I cry tears of happiness.
Words are stuck in my throat.
I truly love you.
My love for you, which I cannot express
I can finally tell you I go on because of you

MBC’s new drama Thank You, a.k.a. We Were There, marks the long-awaited comeback of Jang Hyuk, who recently completed his military service. The Korean Wave star portrays an arrogant doctor whose life changes when he meets a cheerful single mother (Kong Hyo Jin, Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School) and her HIV-positive daughter (Seo Shin Ae, Meet Mr. Daddy). Written by Lee Kyung Hee of Sorry, I Love You fame, this gentle romantic drama is bound to be a tearjerker with a quietly moving story that celebrates both the laughter and the tears that life brings. A visibly more mature Jang Hyuk displays a greater range than in his previous roles, and viewers will find it difficult to resist the cuteness of Seo Shin Ae.

The soundtrack for Thank You stays light and simple. Newcomer HUN (Kim Tae Hun) contributes two touching ballads, Thank You (Track 2) and “I Love You” (Track 3). The rest of the 18-track album consists of quiet, familiar instrumentals, including the opening theme Thank You (Track 1), “Recorder Theme” (Track 9), “Accordion Theme” (Track 15), and the end title “Gi Seo’s Theme” (Track 15).

Komapseumnida…. I really like the song Thank You… Its lyrics is very touchy…about how thankful someone to be loved to be taken care by that someone eventhough he/she has nothing to return to that someone except…Thank You.
Gosh…guys…YOU MUST WATCH THE FILM! Jang Hyuk…he is kawaii nee if only Gi Seo could be my family doctor… Gong Hyo Jin also…she is so nice, so simple, so pure natural and Boom-a, Le Boom, oh, what a cute girl she is. This drama will make you laugh, cry and feel blessed with everything that you have with you at this present moment.

Great score n great songs…and of course its a great drama too..the performances from the cast is really fantastic and you can feel the warmth in it once u start watching teaches us not to be afraid and opens our heart to accept the truth n reality…..i finished the whole drama from 4pmm to 4am…:P:P..highly recommended…

I really enjoyed this drama and i loove the 2 songs that are sang by Hun. Komapsumnida and Sarangheyo. His voice is absolutely beautiful and soothing. Not forgetting the instrumental tracks on this album are very well orchestrated! I’m hoping Hun will come out with his own album cos i’ll definitely buy it! Thank You is my favorite korean drama of all time and i’ve both the DVD and OST. Buy it!

I fell in love with the song “Komapseumnida” before watching the Drama “Thank you” and can’t help falling in love in the drama after watching its 1st episode. Beautiful rhythm of OST is the good combination of the each of scene of the drama. I really like the drama coz of actors and actoresses’ outstanding performance and the story line. Jang Hyuk even looks smarter and gorgeous than before. Don’t miss it.

Thank You – 고맙습니다
Airing Date: March 21 ‘2007 – Wed/Thurs @ 9:55 PM (Replaces “Goong S”)
Number of Episodes: 16
Broadcasting Company: MBC
Soompi Forum:

Jang Hyuk as Dr. Min Gi Seo(aahh..cute)
Gong Hyo Jin as Lee Young Shin(she’s also cute)
Seo Shin Ae as Lee Bom(cute lil girl& great acting)
Shin Sung Rok as Choi Seok Hyeon(hot guy)

Kim Seung Eun, Ryu Seung Soo, Yoo Min Ho

Brief summary::
Jang Hyuk and Gong Hyo Jin will be co-starring together in MBC wed/thur drama {Thank You} which will air after Goong S ends. In this sidusHQ produce drama, Jang Hyuk and Gong Hyo Jin will be a couple who hated the sight of each other at first and develop affections along the way during their daily fights and disagreements. Min Ki Seo (JH) was orginally a doctor who always looks down on people and is very haughty as well until he met Lee Young Shin(GHJ) and her child who has aids. Ki Seo was sent to the island where Young Shin is staying when he caused problems from where he was from originally. Lee Young Shin is a very cheerful and positive person despite the difficult life she has to face. Through her, Min Ki Suk slowly became a warm, gentle person because of love. Shin Sung Rok will be playing ‘Choi Suk Hyun’ the first love of Lee Young Shin (GHJ). Suk Hyun, Young Shin and Ki Seo will be forming a love triangle. Kim Seung Eun will be playing Choi Suk Hyun’s fiancée ‘Seo Eun Hee’ who is from a rich family of lawyers. Ryu Seung Soo will be playing a dispirited public health center doctor of the island. Child star, Seo Shin Ae’ll be playing Young Shin’s daughter ‘Lee Bom’ who has aids. Yoo Min Ho will be playing Young Shin’s younger brother.

credits: koreanwind, yeohweping @WITHS2 & purpletiger86

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