Onew SHINee Solo Performance Song(pss..too cute!!my heart melt again!!)


Hye Every1!!

Sorry for another Onew Post…You obssesion r still going strong towards him!!

Day by Day , Haru Haru…’s not Big Bang’s just how I fell bout him

anyway…Recently I’m quite listening to Onew more with his solo song..


Owhh…!!He’s HOT!!!I Know…hehe…I think this is the best pic of his SEXY side..oooohhhh!!!

I post 1 comment b4 that I really2 like when he sing solo…cuz he shine more..

but with other member he’s not so outstanding lol!!

You know..Taemin cutenest already stole a lot of noona hearts.. n his dance..

here r some of his song stole my heart..

FOREVER MORE – ONEW [sing at Madam B Salon]

ahhh..the song r just nice right….

n onew pronouciation r just the BEST..Ahhh…

the link for the song that he sang in Madam B Salon..

My Fav 1


I don’t find any reason to hate himm…hmm..actually from SHINee I’m really2 love Onew n Jonghyun voice..2 both great talent from SHInee…I think Taemin voice r great too but he needs to practice a bit more..since he’s so young I forgive that!!..You know..cutenest can break u’re heart right..hehe…anyway Key also hav a husky voice..n he’s also good in rapping…I love key rap part in Amigo...n last but not least the rapper of SHINee…Minho-shi!!!!!!!!! He’s hot to love his deep voice..he’s rapping r just the best..

It’s funny though..sometimes I heard Minho rapping n his voice remind me of Kibum-Super Junior…
hmm..I dont know why..

Ok!! here r the link to download some of the song that he sing solo!!

This is the song that he sing in SBS 1000 song Challenge[1 of the song]

4 Beats

And U all probably already know this’s his sing on shimshimtapa Radio Show..early of Replay…..

so this song is an english song sang by my Onew..hehe..I’m Mrs. ONEW u know!!hehe..n OMG..same nice as ForeverMore.. I know he’s good in singing..Ahh…!! In LOVe!!


1Ahhh…!!!Sexy pink lips!!…Ok time for credits!!!

Credit Pic n Link Song to ;>)>>forums

Credit Youtube Vid To ;))

randy1997@youtube n alsomisterkrabspatties@youtube

TQ All for the Streaming Video n Cute Pic of My Ondubu..!!PEACE!!

pls;>>>don’t spam me!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “Onew SHINee Solo Performance Song(pss..too cute!!my heart melt again!!)”

  1. this is so love him to death that blue moving picha of him..[kills me]]..

  2. my gosh !
    you wrote “I don’t find any reason to hate himm…hmm..actually from SHINee I’m really2 love Onew n Jonghyun voice..”
    me too 🙂

  3. onew,, omg,, he is the cutest guy that i have ever seen..
    hoho! onew oppa <333

  4. Onew…

    You’rd the best…0

    I love u…

    1 2 3 “FIGHTING”

  5. OmO!! your pictures are the best! love onew soo much..<3<3<3

  6. Just have to say thank you for this amazing bias Onew and Jonghyun blog it’s awesome!!!! I have only recently come to liking/(now loving) Kpop. I’m sure just as I do, you’ll love, Love Still Goes On!! I have been listening to it on repeat for two days almost straight now!! But also love SuJu and snsd and f(x), such fun music and the dancing is amazing too!! If difficult to copy at times! :/

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