Onew SHINee The Soothing Ondubu Voice Melts A Girls Heart


Hmm..first post 4 today..I’ts been a long time since I write my last post!!
I’m totally busy this week n also the past 2 weeks..actually I’m busy all this dec month..
U know..Holiday month..have to plan a family gathering things..can’t wait!! post for today r about onew again lol!!lol!!lol!!hehehe..
don’t u know..I’m obsess bout him..
btw..i’m recently watch his sing at the SBS 1000 Song Challenge..
Ahh..he sang Lee Seung Gi Song..I’ll Give You Everything…(btw..I love Lee Seung Gi too!!)
ps:>>next post gonna be bout the magnae Lee Seung Gi in 2Days 1Night!!
He sound soo nice n soothing..I’m fell in love again..just from his voice..
my heart melt lol!!hehe..anyway..
I put 2 video..which r 1 from the original Lee Seung Gi who sang it n another r Onew sang it from SBS 1000 song Challenge

The Original Lee Seung Gi Sing I’ll Give You Everything!!

And Onew Sing It at SBS 1000 song Challenge

Onew Sing really2 well right!!

Ahh…why U keep me falling for u??hahaha..
n this is the link for the song sing by onew


And for Lee Seung Gi Original song
Lee Seung Gi



~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 3, 2008.

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