Onew SHINee The Best Jumper On The Trampoline

HHmmmm…My Lee Jinki!!!

My post for today r bout Ondubu The best Jumper lol!!

I bet Onew fans already watch the video right??

anyway if you never watch it before so here it is….

I laugh so hard watching him jump on the trampoline..

He never failes lol..n I think Taemin also good in jumping part…

but my crash Jonghyun maybe afraid of the trampoline lol hehe..

Jonghyun also such a

Is an English clip from Arirang..

So don’t worry for those people who don’t understand korean..

He’s such a good jumper right??he also can flip..

hehe..he’s also boasting his up..suk a dorks..

& also there’s some OnKey moment there’s..

Not so much of my fav couple..

I love OnTae couple more lol!!

the Magnae n The Leader

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 5, 2008.

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