Hotties+Sweat Onew/Ondubu/Lee Jinki


Ahhh…I Love when He perform n he’s really sweating..

totally hot++sexy too!!

Owh..I’m suppose to write an introduction lol!!

Btw..this post r about my onew that’s really2 hard sweating..

I will post some of his sweating ready guys lol!!

i’m suppose to says be ready gurlszzz!!


I know he’s spaazzingg hot right??

with the sweat dropping..ooohhh…



with the fire things…

owhh..he’s showing his hot side


Too many of his cute ondubu faces..

yeah..showing some of the body…

He’s skinny n masculines body



Even when sewating he’s still looks hot..

The peace sign r just too cute..




I know I have post this picture b4

but I think this pic belongs to this post topics..

Onew Hot Sweating

pic credit

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 6, 2008.

One Response to “Hotties+Sweat Onew/Ondubu/Lee Jinki”

  1. kyaa! dubu lucu banget ^^ nggak salah piliih, nggak salah pilih ^^

    gomawo udah upload…

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