OnTae<3 My Fav. Couple On SHINee-The Leader & The Magnae!!4Eva

Whhoopp Hye there Every 1!!

I’m quite busy this week so

as the title

you know it..understand

this post is about mf fav couple on SHINee

I love OnKey & OnHyun too n also the OnKeyHyun couple too

but I’m gonna post their gif.pic later lol!!

I hav a bundle of the gif.  pic to share

since wordpress dashborad hav change

the progress to upload the pic getting faster lol!!

I’m Happy!!

TQ for the new add lol!!


Looks at those 2 eyes staring each others….

really2 snab into the hearts llol!!

Taemin>>hyung.. Saranghae!!

Onew>>Da Too!!


ahh..Taemin looks so shy..

cute leader n Magnae


Looks..they want to sing to each others!!

lol taemin getting excited after seeing his hyung soo cheerfull!!

Is it cheerful?? I don’t know what the right words lol!!hehe


What r You two whispering about??

ahhh..too close..cute<3

Taemin-ah..remember..He’s mine!!


Onew SMile!!!




Excited child boy Taemin


I heart this picture the most..

They both looks really happy!!



Where’s the group Hug??

U two r really2 spazzing lol!!


Ahh..onew r soo kind  to the fav magnae lol!!

I know Onew really love to take care more of Taemin..

cuz he’s the cutest n the youngest


Taemin>>Appa..Take care of me more OK!!I’m your fav son

Onew>>Don’t worry my son..your r always be my no.1

Taemin>> Appa!!Saranghaeoea

Onew>>Yeah!!I love u too but make sure your umma stay with me

He’s keep getting close to jonghyun-ah..keeps your eyes on him

Taemin>>Yes appa!!

Taemin>>n Please tell umma to stop nagging more yeah!!

Onew>>I don’t know if I could do that!!I ❤ him so much!

hehe..the umma goes to Key lol!!


Hmmm..the final pic..

OK!! drag your son from the fans..

n pass it to me..I take care of him after this..

or I will babysit him too lol!!

hehehehe..day dreaming only

onew gif. pic

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 7, 2008.

8 Responses to “OnTae<3 My Fav. Couple On SHINee-The Leader & The Magnae!!4Eva”

  1. Awww…I love ontae too! They’re just so CUTE. Argghhh! I’m torn between ontae and tofuho. Plus there’s jongyu too! The gifs you uploaded are so damn cute~<3

  2. woaaa!! you love Ontae..
    well i actually love onkey but Ontae is cute too
    appa and son love! so cute!!
    dubu is so cute whatever he be paired with whoever right ?

  3. i really like all your posts. thanks for those awesome facts n pics. :p

  4. wooooh i love all the photos *O*
    y love onew e taemin, so is my fav couple 😀

    *my english in not so good …sorry :(*

    but i love your pics, and i needed tell u xDD

  5. haha~~Taemin are cute!!
    Onew was very take care of my man haha ==”

  6. onew you’re so cute………

  7. cute! i love them so… what a cute couple… ^^
    the leader and the maknae, that’s good… ^^
    thanks for the facts and pics…

  8. حلوين

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