What A Film!! Korean Gay Movies

Actually I have watch this Korean Movies long times ago but only today I want to brief a little bout this movies


No Regret (R) (Complete)

No Regret (R)No Regret
  • Alternative Title: Huhwihaji anha / 후회하지 않아
  • Genre: Drama
  • Film Date: January, 2006
  • Total Episodes: 1
  • Korea Casts:
    Choi Do-Yeong, Kim Dong-Wuk, Kim Jeong-Hwa, Kim Nam-Gil, Lee Seung-Cheol, Lee Yeong-Hoon
  • Description:
    Sumin is an orphan trying to balance work in a factory with study at art college and an evening job. One night a rich young businessman tries to proposition him during one of his driving jobs. They meet again the next day: it is during a round of redundancy cuts at the factory where Sumin refuses an attempt by a man (who is in fact the boss’ son Jaemin) to save his job. Eventually Sumin is seduced into working as a male prostitute in an upmarket boy-brothel as Jaemin’s obsession with him grows, leaving Jaemin helpless in the face of his overwhelming desire. This is a film of bold sexuality, where unexpected passion, desire and misunderstandings wreak havoc of an operatic intensity.

Haunting & unforgettable

I recently purchased this film from dvdfromkorea.com & I have no hesitation in saying that it’s one of the best films to have come out of South Korea in the last few years – and certainly the most memorable gay-themed Korean movie. It’s also proof that a miniscule budget (of reportedly just US$100,000!) needn’t compromise artistic standards. The acting is wonderful (including the superbly talented Lee Young Hoon, who is simply heartbreaking), and Leesong Hee-il’s script and direction are top-notch – all the more remarkable when one considers that this was the first feature-length film for both men. Yes, the film does take an unexpected narrative shift toward the end – one that may strike some first-time viewers as implausible – but subsequent viewings should enhance one’s understanding of the reasons for this change. And while it’s also true that the English subtitles could have been better, I certainly had no difficulty following them.

A great film – and one that I’ve returned to many times. I can’t wait to see what the very gifted Leesong Hee-il comes up with nex

Gave me “the goosebump experience”,

This movie gave me one of those very rare and difficult to describe experiences, where I was completely riveted during the film, then literally ecstatic afterward thanks to the artistic brilliance on display here. I saw it at the San Francisco Frameline film festival 6/07. Maybe my experience was personal, and maybe I just enjoyed the movie more than anyone in the audience that night, I really can’t say. But wow! I wanted to jump for joy when it was over. So unique, inventive, fascinating, unexpected, beautifully acted (beautiful in all senses of the word), and with direction so insanely brilliant it was a gift to this movie lover. There are some great films coming out of S. Korea; this is one. See it if you can

No Regrets,

The English title of this film is “No Regrets” and I have no regrets about seeing it.

The characters were honest and real and the plot was well developed. I cant comment on the acting as I don’t speak Korean, but rather relied on subtitles, but I can say that the low budget of this film had no adverse effects on the quality at all.

The best part of this this film is that although the characters are gay, the film would have been equally cohesive and interesting if the cast were changed to male/female heterosexual roles.

I would recommend this film to any Indi film fan, GLBT film supporter and mainstream viewers alike. This is truly a film anyone could enjoy. Don’t miss out!

A Good Gay Movie,

Well South Korea has made good progress in making gay movie since “the king and the clown (cast. lee jung ki). This “no regret” movie basically is a real life story of how poverty could make people’s lives change dramatically.

A young orphanage (sung min) in his 20th tried to live on his life as good as he can but unfortunately he got fire from the factory where he had worked on by the CEO’s son that accidentally fall in love with him when he bumped him before. Sung min became a gay prostitute and he changed from innocent silly-look guy became a masculine with good style of clothes. The CEO’s son however wooed him even though sung min always rejected him, soon after they became a couple but life never that easy since the CEO’s son had a fiancé and he had to choose between sung min and his family’s fortune with condition to marry his fiancé. It is a happy ending gay movie even though the ending a bit blur and should be make longer.

The feeling of the actors especially the actor who was acted as a sung min is truly incredible, he could showed his emotion for the first time knowing what love and happiness is and also showed the anger and sadness of being left behind and being hurt by the person he loved at the 1st time. Not to mention I have to say that the director’s job is splendid everything went well and touched my emotion still the movie is quite dark they should make it lighter (for the light) since I barely see anything when they were acted in the dark room. The sex scene is really good and full of emotion and I suppose it is not been easy for the actors to do it. This is the 1st movie that could really show a good gay sex scene differ with France, Japan, Chinese, Thailand gay movies.

Will updated about this movies later..my comment bout this movies later too..too busy!!!

My Reviews is rated R or 18sx for this movies!!


Later Then!! Got to Go!!


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One Response to “What A Film!! Korean Gay Movies”

  1. really good movie i am not a gay but i pretty much enjoy the movie..
    act, script and the actor are very good……i will love to go out with these guys…i really appreciate their hard work

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