SHINee Amigo Remix & Replay Ringtones/others ringtones also included!!


Amigo Ringtones

Chorus of Amigo

MF Files Ringtones

Media Fire All SHINee Ringtones

Love Should Go On Ringtones


SHINee – Amigo Remix [ Wake Up Song]

My Fav 1 lol!!


too many onew sangtae here’s

i’m faint**

gawjus work done

n here the translation for the ringtones

cold heart baby (dong ding song) cold eyes baby (This is the airplane captain- Onew)

-I love you morning call bit (jonghyun) – Amigo [Grapes! (Key) – Nuna! wake up! (taemin) – hey wake up! (jonghyun) – Wake up! Let’s earn money! (key) – Dear, wake up! (onew)

-Amigo [Honey, wake up (Minho) – How was it? *imitating korean voice dubb of Squirtle*] – Will I even be able to live much longer like this? (key)- LA! (Onew)

too cute lol!!

My current ringtones..onew dong ding dong r too cute!!

Onew Forevermore Chorus Ringtones

Chorus of forevemore the eng song that onew sing at madam B salon.. heart melt lol!!

Onew Vanilla Love Ringtones

Onew cut in Vanilla Love Song that he sang with Lee Hyunji

hmm…totally love the as the ringtones..

ondubu r the best

SHINee Love Like Oxygen Ringtones

Love Like Oxygen Chorus part

SHINee Real Ringtones

From the first album I think..the song..

Love it too

SHINee Romantic Ringtones

Yeah finally my fav song hav a ringtones lol!!

love it!!

Credit to>>


Sorry for the Replay Ringtones..

You can check out later at my mediafire Folders then!!

to slow to upload!!

Psss>>> Don’t forget to credit

and comment me back

if you taking the song link out lol!!

A big ❤ TQ!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 9, 2008.

10 Responses to “SHINee Amigo Remix & Replay Ringtones/others ringtones also included!!”

  1. how do you get the ringtones onto the phone???

  2. Whhoooppss..
    It depends on your phones lol!!!

    Owh..I’m sorry..I know what u meant right now..
    First u have to clicks the song link n direct download from Mediafire lol!!
    After download then you can get the ringtones onto your phones like an usual mp3..

    this is not a direct download ringtones lol!!
    hmm..i’m confusing myself right now..hehe..

  3. Thank you for sharing!XD

  4. Hai my name is atna, nice to see your blog, i love Tae min and onew. They always be my dongsaeng. hi..hii

  5. hi! im erin..
    nice pic.
    cute onew..

  6. Thanks for sharing these! Taking the LLE and Real ringtones~

  7. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!
    It’s great!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My cel have the korean style now! xD

  8. thank you!!
    rofl dubu’s dong ding dong! XDD
    *change ringtone instantly* rofl
    i like the “nuna wake up” one

    do any chance..have just that?
    I mean, SHINee saying “nuna wake up” without amigo as background?

    rofl but thank you for the amigo remix anyway! ^^

  9. wow! thanks a lot! i love it ^^

  10. ikhhhh
    taemin very cool key?????
    and onew smile you akhhhh

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