Onew & Lee Hyun Ji – Vanilla Love Part 2???All Ondubu Face Pic!!


Part 2??

Should it’s say part 2??

FYI the song is no different than the original one..

the different only the beat r more of Christmas theme lol!!

the bell of christmas!!

YOu know christmas r coming so…

I’m not convince u to not listen to it..

still onew voice soothing me the most lol!!

And here the link for the song..

the part 2 of the Vanilla Love Song

Vanilla Love Part 2 (Christmas Edition)

It’s mine lol now>>MF


credit>>SHINee forums/members

ps:/i’m sorry i don’t remember who post this pic in forums lol!!

if the right owner see this pic please tell me..

i will proper credit to u!!n I will try to find the right owner!!

And I konw I’m already post the MV..

but ‘im trying to find the part 2 MV doesnt found it so..

here the MV with Eng. Subs..

so enjoy!!

Lee Hyun Ji Ft. SHINee ONew – Vanilla Love Part 2 (English Subbed)



Photo from recording



~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “Onew & Lee Hyun Ji – Vanilla Love Part 2???All Ondubu Face Pic!!”

  1. hi ^^ erm, i was just wondering, where did you found the song?
    probably from my blog? no?
    cuz the link are same. ^^;
    and- i think you should put proper credits on the song. ^^

  2. LOL. it’s ok. xD
    I sound kinda mad am I? O.O =.=;
    Anyway, yeah, thanks for the credit. ^^
    Spread the SHINee Love! xD

  3. O.O
    part 2?
    I’ve already had this song but i dont it is part 1 or part 2 >.<“

  4. i love onew’s many faces

  5. i love this song and MV.. Coz LeeHyunJi&Onew face so cute ><

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