Rain Bi – Love Story English Version mp3 download link & MV

Owwhh..you all maybe curios bout Bi new love story eng ver. right??
yeah..me too..

but after heard the eng. version..hmmm..

I’m really wanted to find the mp3 lol!!

n finally..it’s not so mp3..but it’s a ripped from YT video!!It’s the mp3

at least lol but it’s good enough for me lol!!

At least  before the real mp3 coming out I can listen n memorize the lyrics first..


hmmm..is it too cruel to say that I don’t like it??

Hmm..I’m correcting my mistakes..

on second though I do love the song lol!!

owh phycal minded me!!

After really2 watch the MV I do really like it!!

I can’t wait for the real single coming out..

I meant the real mp3 lol

Bi sound not so good with eng lol!!he need to improve more since he is now an international artist lol!!

owh..well the eng is good enough for me..i’m not expecting a big change on him..he needs time

I need to listen twice n read the lyrics to fully understand the eng song..

no..no..no..I understand every inch the words that he sing..only a few word make me a bit confused..

the pronouciation got to improve more..

eventhough it’s not that good but I still love the song..

even in both hangul n eng..

but I like the hangul more than the eng..

How bout you??

I will find the real mp3 lol!!

n here is the ripped mp3 link

the real mp3 r here..so enjoy yourself..

I change the link..to the real Love Story..not ripped from YT

Bi – Love Story English Version

my rating got to be 7/10..

i want to put Rain pic but my Rain pic file hav been deleted by my cruel brothers..

so maybe later I will edit the post with pic

N here is the lyrics..

in case you wanted..

Rain Bi – Love Story English Version Lyrics

This is my story
It’s true
OK, listen

Oh baby, you’re to me like the sun that’s in the sky
That bathes me in your warmth and returns again and again
When you’re by my side, I know somehow it’d be all right
Just like a fool, I let you go and lost you to pride

How could I have been so unwise? Ummm…
Didn’t realize that I was so in love with you till now
I still wanna hold you in my arms
But it’s too late, it’s no use, I don’t know what to do
I’m all alone

Every night, the story of my love
Is like a scene playin’ before my eyes repeatedly
And now I cry out to you for the wrongs that I’ve done
Hoping that you will come back
Yeah, I love you
I still love you, baby

My life is now so incomplete
What should I do for you to truly forgive me?
How can I live without you?
Baby, come back to me
Forever, I’ll wait for you, yeah…
To tell you my heart will never change

Stop my breath today; take my heartbeat away
I can’t forget your love; it haunts me again and again
Pictures of your smile beckon me from all these blank walls
Like a lost soul searching blindly, shadows fill my eyes

How could I have been so selfish? Oh no…
Didn’t notice that you meant so much till you were gone from my side
How could I live with all this pain? No, no…
My world grows ever so dim; oh, I was such a fool
It’s all my fault

Repeat Chorus

It’s bringing me down
Tearing me apart
I need you so much; I’m begging to you down on my knees
You’re the only one
There’s just no one else, yeah…
All I need is to forever dwell in your love
But now I know, I can’t speak these empty words to you
I love you so; let me prove my love to you once more
This time, my heart is true
Believe in me and you
And now, please listen to me
Just one more time

Repeat Chorus

Baby, please come back to me
I miss you, baby

lol!! Bubye!!




Rain Bi – Love Story & Rainism English,Japanese & Chinese Version Album Track mp3 Download!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “Rain Bi – Love Story English Version mp3 download link & MV”

  1. Hi there, I just wanted to correct you. Those lyrics are written by me. They’re not the lyrics of the English Version of the song. I didn’t realize that Bi was releasing different versions of his song “Love Story”, and after hearing the Korean Version, I really liked the song. That’s why I wrote the English lyrics. It’s a hobby of mine to rewrite lyrics to songs that I like. =) Also, I don’t allow content from my blog to be taken out. Could you please delete those lyrics and replace them with the lyrics of the actual English Version sung by Bi? Someone posted his lyrics in one of the comments on my blog entry of this song. ^^ Thanks!

  2. lol i heard the song n i found his accent really funny but i luv the song overall, it’s really sweet
    and thx 4 the lyrics

  3. I heard the english version and i have to say it doesn’t work for me. I like him singing in Korean better. Sounds more soulful, beautiful altho i don’t understand a word of Korean. His english version sounds very forced, like he’s concentrating too hard on getting the words out right. And his pronunciations need a lot of work. I think he should sing only in Korean with a few engish lines thrown in for effect.

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