Happy Birthday My Dear Hubbies Lee Jinki<3 Onew

Aaahh..My ondubu..HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY!!!! Love you always n forever lol!!

A msg from a hard die fans>>^¬^

Dear ondubu..hope he’s got a wonderful years of birthday..

Keep your cute lovable smile forever for me only lol!!

hehe..nope..i’m taken!!

You r always gonna be my smiling prince

keep your sangtae forever..make it everyday..

i’m so emotional right now..don’t know what to say more ..

Last but not least




March My Bday lol!!


Happy Birthday!!Love Couple Forever..

❤ OnTae!!

Happy Birthday, Dubu Onew ^_^ (fanvid)

Korean fan [나만의진기] made this clip.
She got some skills ^_^
(and from [1:47] to [5:06] is korean fan messages to Onew, so you don’t need to watch that part if you can’t speak korean ^^)


Happy birthday My Amazing Hubby Ondubu-Onew-Leader!!


the pout r too cute..



Got to be my fav Sangtae from YOU my ONDUBU!!!

Key : Onew Hyung! I wanna go to the restroom lol

The Mv r totally soo cute..

the translation r just soo funny..

check it out..randy u’re the best!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 15, 2008.

6 Responses to “Happy Birthday My Dear Hubbies Lee Jinki<3 Onew”

  1. Hi,

    Me again.
    Thank you for changing your blog’s header but
    could you possibly do something about the first image on this post, bearing in mind what I commented before?


  2. Yeah!!!
    Will do in a minute..
    TQ for remind me..
    And I will do remember ONE and every inch the word that you commented before..
    No need to remind me twice..I can read n I can understand perfectly what you r talking bout… I’m not 5!!
    n I’m not a hypocrate..people make mistakes..so do I..So I am sorry for what hav I’ve done before
    Im So Sorry for the image that I post that broke the rules of the forums!!
    TQ for all of your sweet word in your commented before!!

  3. Hoooolas! *.* SHINee *.* Lee *.* Bling *.*

  4. ooohhh! how cute onew is…. hope you put more of his photos…. and also pics of minho and taemin… they’re so adorable and cute…. no wonder they are just teenagers…. i super love them….

  5. wow you must like onew very much

  6. Saranghe..!! onew
    cute ..!!!!!!!!

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