DBSK/Dong Bang Shin Ki – Bolero & Kiss The Baby Sky mp3 Download Link>>New Single

[HQ] 081212 DBSK – BOLERO MUSIC VIDEO Preview! @ZoomIn News

Whhhoopp..another Jpop single lol!!

I heard some said that SM too greedy when it’s related to DBSK..

The boys looks really2 tired these days..

they perform looking soo tired..

but they’ll still manage to perform great

back n forth from korea to japan in a week..

poor them..

DBSK..or should I say Tohonsshinki??

yeah japanese call Tohoshinki

since it is a Japanese Album I should call them Tohoshinki

Anyway..anybody want the song..


here’s the link>>

DBSG – Bolero mp3

Sound like a christmas song lol!!maybe it is..

I’m not sure..

Actually this song gonna Release on 21st January 2009

And here is the Preview of 3.17 min

FYI I will put the full Bolero song download link  later

my server kind of busy right now..too slow to upload in MF

Whoooppp..Full song link added!!

I have converted it from 9MB to 5MB..

the original r too big..that’s why it’s take longer time to upload..

I’m almost gonna give up..but finally!! enjoy then!!

DBSK – Bolero [Full] Song mp3

Love it eventhough it’s in japanese

but if there is in hangul I probably love it more..

but the beat of this song r more popular to japanese fans I think..

The genre I meant..Jpop

DBSG – Kiss The Baby Sky mp3

A bit cathcy than Bolero..

yeah..love it too

PS://>> If your taking out the link n the song..

please credit n comment me back lol!!

If you failed to do it

I will probably make password for

this post..

so not just any people can download the


I will  count every link clicks for DBSK song..

If I’m not satisfied I will set this post for password immediately

I’m not kidding anybody right now..I’m getting annoyed by some people..maybe it’s not your fault but bcoz of somebody I have to make this post to private..

I’m so sorry!!

Simple thanks will be good enough!!


~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 16, 2008.

54 Responses to “DBSK/Dong Bang Shin Ki – Bolero & Kiss The Baby Sky mp3 Download Link>>New Single”

  1. Hi ~
    Thx 4 Bolero’s download link …
    I’m finding it n thx 2 u, I can download it now …
    DBSK ROCKZ !!!

  2. thankkkss heappsss~

  3. GYAAAA LOVELY XDXD I LOVE THSK KISS THE BABY SKY (beside yc writes it) XDXD love the melody =) thx XD

  4. thank you very much for the songs!!! =)

  5. tvxq is love!!! thnaks so much or sharing!!!

  6. Yeah..
    Glad You all like it!!
    TQ for the comment lol!!

  7. hi!thanks for the links.Really appreciate ur work.

  8. whhoopp..TQ!!
    I feel a little happy since everyone appreciate what I’ve done..

    n gunkie>> yeah yoochun wrote the song right..??
    I lvoe the song too..after hear to it twice!!

  9. thank u for the song! 🙂

  10. Ahh, thank you so much!

    I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to get this song before I leave town. Thank you again for both songs. <33

  11. Thanx 4 de dl link.. xD

  12. thank u so much for d link XD

  13. Thanks for the links to the downloads! Love bolero!

  14. YAYZ!! i’ve been looking for the bolero link!! thanks somuch ❤

  15. hye..thanx a lot for the link!!!!!!!!!! i’ve been searching for it everywhere~

  16. thank you very much for it ^-^

  17. Thanks a lot!! :))

  18. Thanks so much for the songs

  19. THANKS SO MUCH!!! i’ve been looking for the full version of Bolero and i bumped into ur site…appreciate it very much!!

  20. Ah~
    Thanks so much for the links!
    You’re my hero!!!

  21. Thanks so much! ❤

  22. hi
    tq for the link

  23. yay! thanks for the download! i’ve been looking for kiss the baby sky forever. love the song especially since its composed by yoochun!! really appreciate it!<3

  24. thanks for the links! DBSK rocks! love jaejoong forever!

  25. Thanks for sharing.
    Taking Kiss the Baby Sky. (:

  26. Owh..Lucy..I’m just helping ya’ll..I’m not totally a hero..hehehe..
    well..You’re welcome everyone!!
    Glad that every1 love the song..especially Kiss the Baby Sky..
    I love it too..yoochun-ahhhh!!**suddenly remember 1 of yoochun frens..said the same words lol!!

  27. Hello, I’m taking out the mp3.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Spread the love for our Dong Bang!

  28. 감사합니다!!!!
    i’ve been looking for bolero for awhile now.:]
    or maybe i’m just not good!
    but thanks again!

  29. thanks
    this version of bolero sounds better than the other one i downloaded thanks =D

  30. well jess..i’m glad that u find my song r a good quality..

  31. thanx

  32. grabbed ktbs.

  33. thanks i love this song

  34. thanks

  35. thanx for the link

  36. yeah jae jaang’s futur wife..your welcome..
    thankz for the alot of commnet lol!!

  37. tnx for the download link. 🙂

  38. thanks ^^
    taking kiss the baby sky~

  39. thanks for uploading(:

  40. eerm.. thank u so much.. make it easy for us.. stay healthy for updating ur blog ^_^

  41. thanks for the Bolero-FULL version, && Kiss the Baby Sky upload!

  42. heyo! 😀
    thanks for sharing
    taking both songs HEHE

  43. thankies..

  44. thanks!

  45. Ah, thank you! ❤

  46. thanks 4 the upload. i love the songs^^

  47. eiyah!;)
    thanks so much for the upload!Ü

  48. Thanks for the link! But is it suppose to sound like that? The song sounds I don’t know… low quality? So I heard this on other sites and it all sounds the same… so i’m just going to stop typing and enjoy it!!

  49. waaaaaaa
    thanks for the mp3 links 😀

  50. Thanks for the mp3s! I’ve been looking for them forever! ❤

  51. thank you so much!!! 😀

  52. Thank you!!

  53. thanks! 🙂

  54. Thanks soooo much! >.<

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