SS501- U r Man,The One & Never Let You Go mp3 download Link>Album>U r Man


With Kim Hyun Joong busy shooting the Korean adaptation of Hana Yori Dango and Park Jung Min starring in the musical Grease, boy band SS501 has to set group activities aside for a while.

In the meantime, Kim Kyu Jong, Heo Yong Saeng, and Kim Hyung Jun have formed the special unit Triple-S to carry on the music, and they’re now releasing the special six-track mini album U R Man.

Triple-S, which is also the name of SS501’s fan club, represents a new challenge for the three members as they push a more mature sound and look, and even unveil their songwriting skills.

Produced by the same team that created SS501 hits like 4 Chance, the album’s title track U R Man is just about a guaranteed hit with its catchy mid-tempo melody and urban house sound.

Triple-S also collaborated with American music production company Pisces Music to add new sparks to their album.

Their opening urban hip-hop track WANT IT, produced by a team that includes Shaine Freeman and Andrew Lane who has worked with artists like TLC, Backstreet Boys, Jay-Z, and 50 Cent, floats on hard beats and an East Coast Groove, creating a strong dance number that differs from the group’s previous hits but still retains that SS501 charm.

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[MV] SS501- U R Man

whhooopp the song really addictive lol!!

keep stucking in my head..

I’m not so a fans of SS501..

but the song r just nice

n here the mp3 download link>>

ps://please credit if your taking it out

SS501 – U r Man mp3

This is my personal Favourite song from the U r Man Album..

Love the ballad kind of song..

SS501 – The One mp3

Whoopp..Not hear it yet..

kind of catchy too

SS501 – Never Let You Go mp3

SS501 (Triple S) U R Man (Your Man) Comeback

Music Trend 081123 HQ

Love the Performance lol!!

Anyone want others song in this album??

Lol comment me back with the song title so that I can upload it for you!!

I have the whole album..but too many to upload..

n at the same time I’m scared that people might don’t want it..

so..if any of you want the other song I will upload it for you’ll then

Hit me Back!!

this song r requested it is >>>

SS501 – I Am mp3 download

ooppss…another request..out of hand..too little time..hehe

anyway here it is for..wait..I forgot who request it..hehe..

ok..after check the comment back..its the link for the song for you!!!thankz again for the request!!

SS501 – WANT It mp3

yeah..suddenly after somebody request this song..i realize how great is this song..

love it!!

Psss>>> Don’t forget to credit

and comment me back

if you taking the song link out lol!!

A big ❤ TQ!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 16, 2008.

28 Responses to “SS501- U r Man,The One & Never Let You Go mp3 download Link>Album>U r Man”

  1. thanx for uploading u r man mp3. love it a lot…

  2. Great !!! ^^
    _”_ SS501 … I’ll never let U go … I promise ^^
    I really love you , love your voice , love your smile … always and 4ever.S.H.M.I.L.Y
    So , ^^! try your best , my love ^^. AJA AJA FIGHTING ^^! You are my man ( for only U_oppa young saeng ) 0_x .

  3. owh..heo.zjnzjn!!
    u like young saeng oppa?? too!!
    but I like Kyu Jong more lol!!

    na jee hah>> glad u found the song..I love U r Man too!!
    For me I love The One more lol!!

  4. thanx 4 da link-i’m ur man
    i love it…

  5. thanx

  6. thanks a lot ^^
    i m looking for this few songs ^^

  7. THANK YOU FOR THE SONGS!!!! and can u plz upload I AM its number 6 i think BABY did a solo

  8. owh ok mimi..I will post it soon..
    so keep tracking this blogs for more updated ok!!

  9. – I Am.mp3 Here it is mimi!! hope u like it!!

  10. thanks for the song i love it =)

  11. Qea.. all i can say is thank you so much.. stay healthy to update this blog..

  12. wow..EunHo..TQ for your support!!
    thankz to u too..I will put my health first lol..hehe..

  13. thanks a bunch…

  14. thanks thanks 🙂

  15. Awesome collection of K-Pop news and music. Thanks!

  16. Thanks so much, I’ve been looking for these songs – Baek Ji Young & SS501 Thanks so much !

  17. Hyung Joong oppa saranghae

  18. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! =))

  19. oh nooo… i couldn’t download “Never Let You Go”! =( I’m not sure if it’s my computer’s problem though. Do you have “Want It”? Please oh please upload it too! =)

  20. thank you!! you’re a darling =) love SS501!!

  21. thanks 4 the link…

  22. thxz,,ur the best..
    ummmmm,,,can u download young saeng song ” it’s not love”…

    THXZ ALOT!!!

  23. whhoopp..Faie..I will put the link song later ok..
    since u request it!!

  24. tnx

  25. Ok then,
    hey really thank u for filling other people like me
    i want to download SS501 songs
    but i don’t know how to download .but now i can do that task because of u thank u so the way, i want more download songs of (4 chance, name?, no matter what, everything and the songs that include ab ab ab ab that i don’t know the name
    and more than that please do that ok thank u so much .be u have a long life .THANKS really .i like all of them much .they are my lights.i only says u that because i thank u then really bye

  26. thank you for sharing..i love their song very much T__T

  27. thank u talaga….

  28. thanks sa pag share…

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