The Pre-Debut Picture of SHINee Leader Name Onew!!

Well..why i’m making this post again??

oh..yeah..I found some of his picture before of his debut with SHINee in the forums lol!!

His cute,innocent n inteligent looking faces really melt my heart..

it cute though..

long hair..???hmm..not like it a lot..


not so much different than now right??

School photo pic I think..

ahhh…he’s soo chubby!!

cute..but wait..

look pic below




hehehe…he looks soo evil lol!!

ahh..i’m not laughing but it’s too!!


oowwwhh…he’s already got piercing since before debut..

do you spot it??

I think both ear is piercing lol!!

I dont like soo much with the piercing..

thank god now he’s not wearing any now..

I like his adorable image of leader…

maybe 2-3 years then I will accepted the piercing things on him


hangout with some of his frens..

School trip maybe???

n then again..not soo much different..


I really heart his dorky photo lol!!


Whoopp..can you spot my lil ondubu there??

he’s not so a poser back then


but now the back side pose r awesome..!!!


Owhh…some of his classmates?? I think looks more handsome lol!!

I’m not saying all..some of it..…he’s smiling…. r soo cute!!


Whhoopp..going anywhere??

pic credit>>

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 16, 2008.

8 Responses to “The Pre-Debut Picture of SHINee Leader Name Onew!!”

  1. picture no.4
    he looks like junsu dbsk
    so cute,
    and he has piercing???
    i dislike it, but it is still okey
    he is still cool

  2. onew like so adorable..

    like him so much,,

    i think he is the most handsome boy among his friend at that pic

  3. hello….
    i love your band…:-)

  4. hahahahaha!!!
    onyu ternyata kau memang sudah ganteng dari dulu…
    cuma gambar yang kedua tu agak aneh ja…
    kenapa kau berpose begithu???? lucunya….

  5. SHINee looks just the same from their predebut images,.,they just got mature,.,cute!>.<

  6. im addicted with onew so much… :”> i luv him…

  7. the first pic kinda remind so me of tvxq’s yunho for some reason…and i’m glad he didn’t change much..which proves that not everyone has gone through surgery to look good. just a little change here and there would be good enough. =)

  8. thank ya kak

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