Rain Bi – Love Story English Version Better Quality mp3 Download Link!!

Whoopp..as I make 1 post before..

For Bi Love Story English Version

The song have a break in the middle of Bi conversation with the girl right??

this is more of Better Quality than the one I post before..

It’s still converted from Youtube..but better..better..better..quality

It’s not converted anymore

there’s no break of conversation of Bi with the girl in the middle

yeah much better..

but for really2 better Quality You better wait for the real single album coming out..

And buy the original one..

there will be much better..

yeah..dont worry I also gonna buy it lol!!

Actually After hear it from the MV..

I can’t wait for the real single out..

too long to wait



Here is the HQ download mp3

I have change the link to the real Love Story English Version(CD Version)

Rain Bi – Love Story Eng. Version HQ Download mp3

Don’t forget to credit

if u’re taking the link out!!





Rain Bi – Love Story & RainismEnglish,Japanese & Chinese Version Album Track mp3 Download!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 17, 2008.

15 Responses to “Rain Bi – Love Story English Version Better Quality mp3 Download Link!!”

  1. Thank You for the download link!!!

  2. OMG. thanks soo much !!!!! i was looking for this english version everywhere… ^^

  3. Well..
    You’re welcome everyone!!
    Yeah diaz I’ve been searching for the eng. version too like crazy B4 lol!!
    btw the single r not coming out yet..
    even converted from YT is good enough right??

  4. can not download….. ~~~~>_<~~~ pls try to fix the link~~really love this song!!!!!

  5. thnx for d lnk.. cant wait for d cd version to be released.. =)

  6. hi can you pls post one without the background noise for the love sotry engiloish version ?? thnxx &^^

  7. owh Kathy can u wait for a moment..
    I know the real mp3 hav been released but I don’t have time to download it yet..
    cuz i’m busy studying..
    can you wait until next week until I’ve got back home??

  8. ermm.. thank u so much.. stay healthy to update ur blog.. wish u good luck 4 ur study

  9. Hello webmaster
    I would like to share with you a link to your site
    write me here preonrelt@mail.ru

  10. thank you for the download link..

    it’s really helpfull….

    c ya …

    God bless us .. ^^

    take care =>

  11. wish u luck for your study …

    what’s ur e-mail ?

    tq … ^^

  12. thnk u very very much! i love this song

  13. thank you for the link… I’ve been looking for the english version of love story… I really love this song… Thank you so much… God Bless you.. =)

  14. ohh great thaank u so much
    but i have the orginal one and its clear too
    you can visit my blog and have a look^^

  15. oho good thx

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