Baek Ji Young – Like Being Hit By A Bullet mp3 download link And Lyrics!!


Love the song!!!

And the MV Too!!

Have to use big font here since I just want to make a short reviews

LoL ..I am maybe late enough to like her..but I only

recently listen to her song a lot..

I do love this song to’s just too emotional..

the song r just soo beautiful n sad..ahh..

And I love her too..I watch Star Golden Bell recently

n I really like her there..

In my home..every each one of my family started to

accept my obssesion to korean variety show lol!!

they said my life r full of korea..korea..n korea..

but whatever it is..I’m still proud to be Malaysian!!

I love their variety show..but My Malaysia r

much..much better..

Like a some say in malay language..Ii’s raining gold in

others place..n It’s raining stone in my own

the end it’s better in my own place..

Love You Malaysia!!..ahh..why i’m promoting my own

country..hehe..I make malay sound awful in!!sorry!!

Anyway anyone want the download link??

Here it is

Baek Ji Young – Like Being Hit By A Bullet mp3

I try to find the lyrics but couldn’t find it..

Anyone have it??

Please comment me back if you have it!!

I want to memorize it lol!!

I’m started to addicted to this song lol!!

aahh.. I hate the servers right now..hit it..twice..

I’m trying to post the MV but It get stuck then..n bengong jap!!

haaahh..geram btol dah nier!!

Later then


N now r in!!

Found the Lyrics lol!! Here it is..Happy!!


총 맞은 것처럼 정신이 너무 없어
chong majun kotcheorom jeongshinee neomu obshi
웃음만 나와서 그냥 웃었어 그냥 웃었어 그냥
ooseumman nawaseo keunyang ooseoseo keunyang ooseosseo keunyang

허탈하게 웃으며 하나만 묻자 했어
heotalhakeh oosumyeo hanaman moodja haesseo
우리 왜 헤어져 어떻게 헤어져 어떻게 헤어져
uri wae hyeohjyeo oddeokeh hyeohjyeo oddeokeh hyeohjyeo

구멍난 가슴에 우리 추억이 흘러 넘쳐
goomongnan gaseumeh uri chookee heulleo nomchyeo
잡아보려 해도 가슴을 막아도
jababoryeo haedo gaseumuel magado
손가락 사이로 빠져나가
sonkarak sa eero bbajyeonaka

심장이 멈춰도 이렇게 아플 것 같진 않아
shimjangee meomchyeodo eereoke ahpuel got gatjin anha
어떻게 좀 해줘 날 좀 치료해줘
oddeokeh jom haejyeo nal jom chiryohaejyo
이러다 내 가슴 다 망가져
eeroda nae gaseum da manggachyeo
구멍난 가슴이
goomongnan gaseumee

어느새 눈물이 나도 모르게 흘러
oneusae noonmoori nado moreugeh heulleo
이러기 싫은데 정말 싫은데 정말 싫은데 정말
eerogi shireunde jeongmal shireunde jeongmal shireunde jeongmal

일어서는 널 따라 무작정 쫓아 갔어
irosoneun neol ddara moojakjeong chocha kasseo
도망치듯 걷는 너의 뒤에서 너의 뒤에서
domangchideut kotnun noeui dwiyeseo noeui dwiyeseo
구멍난 가슴에 우리 추억이 흘러 넘쳐
goomongnan gaseume uri chookee heulleo nom chyeo
잡아보려 해도 가슴을 막아도
jababoryeo haedo gaseumeul magado
손가락 사이로 빠져나가
songarak saeero bbajyeonaga
심장이 멈춰도 이렇게 아플 것 같진 않아
shimjangee momchyeodo eereoke ahpeul kot gatjin anha
어떻게 좀 해줘 날 좀 치료해줘
oddeokeh jeom haejyeo nal jeom chiryeohaejyeo
이러다 내 가슴 다 망가져
eeroda nae gaseum da mangkachyeo
총 맞은 것처럼 정말 가슴이 너무 아파
chong majeun kotchoreom jeongmal kaseumee neomu ahpa
이렇게 아픈데 이렇게 아픈데
eereoke ahpuende eereoke ahpuende
살 수가 있다는 게 이상해
sal sooga eetdanun geh eesanghae

어떻게 너를 잊어 내가 그런 건 나는 몰라 몰라
oddeokeh noreul eejeo naega keuron keot naneun meolla meolla
가슴이 뻥뚫려 채울 수 없어서
kaseumee bbong ddeuryeo chaeool soo obseoseo
죽을 만큼 아프기만 해
jooguel malgeum ahpuegiman hae
총 맞은 것처럼
chong majeun kotchoreom

credits: lovecubedlee smile.gif


Like being hit by a gun
I really don’t have any mentality
Because only laughter comes out
I just smiled
I just smiled
I just…

While smiling hopelessly, I asked for only one
Why did we break up
How could we break up
How could we break up

In my punctured heart, our memories flow … they over flow
Even though I’m trying to hold on, even though I block off my heart
They slip through my fingers

Even though my heart is cold, it doesn’t seem like it hurts
How can you do that? Please heal me.
At this rate, my heart will break completely
My punctured heart

Already, my tears flow without me knowing
I hate being like this but…
I really hate it but…
I really…

You stand up and I follow
Aimlessly I followed
You’re running away, from behind you
From behind you
I cried out


Like being hit by a gun, really
My heart hurts a lot
Although I hurt like this
Although I hurt like this
It’s weird how I can live

How can I forget you?
I don’t know how to do that, I don’t know
My heart is pierced
It can’t be full
It hurts as much as death
Like being hit by a gun

credits: CHARM* at soompi (:

Psss>>> Don’t forget to credit

and comment me back

if you taking the song link out lol!!

Please at least give me some comment..I love it


A big ❤ TQ!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 20, 2008.

25 Responses to “Baek Ji Young – Like Being Hit By A Bullet mp3 download link And Lyrics!!”

  1. thanks for this =D
    taking it!!!
    btw, im malaysian too but currently not in malaysia..
    nice meeting u

  2. You’re welcome again anastassia!!!
    you’re a Malaysian too??
    well where r you now??since you’re not in Malaysia..
    I guess you’re study abroad lol!!
    well nice meeting you too!!!

  3. heyy!
    i’m from Malaysia too!
    N i’m oso very very obssessed with k-pop and also korea xD
    nice to meet you!
    n thx for da song!!

  4. 🙂
    ive been trying to find this song for my boyfriend! ^^
    you’re the best for sharing the link here 🙂


  5. Lorgh..lorgh..TQ all for the comments!!
    Hye Jen!! Nice to meet you too!!
    I’m glad there’s a lot of Malaysian here in my blogs!!

    Lol arisu..your welcome..Song to your boyfriend??
    hehehe..I though the same too!!

  6. haha!mind to add me in msn?

  7. Yeah Jen..
    why a minutes OK!!

  8. thank you for the song! Taking the link out kay? 🙂 But I’ll credit you! 🙂

  9. Hai!TQ for the songs.Luvvv this song.btw,Malaysian too ^v^

  10. Thanks a lot for the lyrics.I’ve been searching for it everywhere~ ^^

  11. It’s okay Nessa..U can take the link out..
    You’re welcome Ira!! ^v^

  12. heyys…i’m a Malaysian too..thnx 4 d link ^^

  13. omg.. the song link is broken.. can you repost it? really like the song though.[;

  14. hey hey. i took ur lyric and download the song.
    thanks muchiess
    i put the credit by ur name at my blog

    thankx heaven dear.

    ur blog rox eh^^

  15. it’s very touching… the lyrics it’s very emotional..
    thanks for the link

  16. thankz for the song.. i’m a malaysian tooo. mind if you add me in msn??

  17. hey there..thanks for the link and most of the a malaysian too..hehe..thanks again…

  18. Я тоже влюбился в эту песню

  19. Thx ! I’ve been searching it for a long time ! ^^

  20. wow i like it alot toooo!!
    such a nice singer :3
    thankyou thankyou 😀

  21. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx u save me..ive been looking 4 i got it !!

  22. nice songs TY Admin

  23. another malaysian here! whee!malaysia boleh……
    love it.thanks for sharing!!

  24. wwwoow actually a guy who likes this song)? Daul I think its really cool). I love this song sooo much thanks for posting

  25. thanks for the song… heard it first time from a duet with Kim Jong Kook. And guess what, I met him first on Family Outing…lol

    The song was so great but I haven’t know Baek Jiyoung yet.

    I’m a malaysian as well with a thirst and arsenal of Korean stuff (dramas, movies, variety shows, songs, etc.) in my 1TB Hddisk *muahaha* but I share your sentiment!

    I like raining stone better than gold! ;p

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