A Dorky Facts Of SHINee Leader Name Ondubu!!ooppss..sorry..Onew!!That’s why I Love Him!


I am maybe a lil bit late to post this..

anyway i am the third parti to post this..this is totally not mine..

I’m gonna credit here to..i.love.tofu@SHINee.net for posting this at the forums fully..

n the real translator>>  atlantis-x
Credits: Soompi + SHINee Forums

Ahh..reading this just make me soo touching lol!!My ondubu..a great2 leader..adore him too much..

but it’s funy though..now I’m loosing my obssesion towards him..why?? bocz i’m started to looks up to jonghyun more..ahh..bad girls..I don’t know why..but currently i’m attracted to Bling2..

First time they debut..I very do like Taemin..since he’s cute n the bowl haircut adore me lol plus he’s good in popping lorgh2x!!


N then I’m changing my interest towards Onew..His Sangtae melts my pure hearts!!aahh..

And now..surprisingly(to myself)..I started to like Jonghyun More!!..

So in the end..I Like three of them..n I don’tknow when I’m gonna like Key [I don’t think I would!! lol.. ^o^..]hehe..joking..n also minho…not so much interest towards him..maybe later I guess..My attraction a bit slow laarrghh!!

So here the full articles..read it slowly..I know It’s long but the translation r totally interesting..

All the facts bout SHINee members!!

COOL轻音乐 magazine – September Issue cover story: SHINee


1) Living together

SHINee members have been living together for the past 5 months.
All the members each have their own jobs around the house and live in a systematic and fun way.
In the beginning, it was uncomfortable because their living patterns were different. But after they started having conversations with one another right before they went to bed, they learned alot more about each other.
Because Taemin likes meat, Onew cooks him meat in the mornings and then sends him off to school.

2) First performance memories

Shinee members could not be any more nervous during their first performace rehearsal.
All the lyrics and choreography disappeared from their minds. As soon as they heard ” Shinee come up please” they went onto the stage and saw that all the seats were full of fans. Their parents even came. As soon as they got up on stage, the members shared quick eye contacts with eachother and was able to finish their first performance safely. After they finished their performance, they could feel their body strength loosening up. They say that they will never ever be able forget the feelings they felt after their first performance.

3) School Records

Leader Onew’s best school ranking was being #2 (whole school and class)!

>>Yeah ondubu!!I know you’re a smart kids lol!!<<

4) When they first received “Nuna is so pretty”

When the members first recieved their title song, they all had huge question marks drawn in their heads. Because none of the members had any experience with this kind of a relationship (I guess they mean an older girl and younger guy relationship), they were concerned on how they should express this song.
Because of this concern, they watched Lee Seungi’s “You’re my Girl” mv a lot…

5) How much of an age difference can you cover up to ( Meaning OLDER girls)

Onew: I like any girl I can call “Nuna”. I can make them feel comfortable.


6) Ideal girl type

Onew: I don’t have an ideal type made out. I think everyone has their own charm.

>> That’s why I love u even more..You’re totally my guy!!yuuppss..hehehe <<

7) Atmosphere maker/brightener

Taemin and Key are the Atmosphere makers in the team.
All the other four members think of Taemin really cutely. Taemin doesn’t try to act cute on purpose, but everything he does cannot get any cuter.
Key says alot of humerous things and has a very unique mind. When they are in their car, all the memebrs fatigueness disappears becuase of Key. When Onew says something boring and makes the atmosphere awkward, Key takes over and lightens up the atmosphere.

I’m gonna laugh to any onew sangtae!! Don’t care even it’s funny or not!!

8) Becoming role models to their juniors

They want to do their best to become good role models to their future juniors.
Once, TVXQ all came to their practice room and told them that they thought their song was good and gave them advice on how team work is very important.
Shinee says that they will always take advice from their seniors and develop into becoming better artists.


credit pic>>JENCHEN@shineee.net

20 facts of ONEW

1. Nicknamed “tofu”. “Pure tofu”, “ondubu”, they all refer to him. Uses the introduction “I am only~you~ Onew” taught to him by Leeteuk and at times, switches to “Hello, my name is Michael Jackson(sincerely)!”

>> Aahh..cute!! my Aegya!! <<

2. Feels shy about presenting himself to people, and because of it, he did not dare to participate in auditions. When he was a trainee, everyone else seems to be improving everyday, while he seems to be staying stagnant and not improving, that to him is the saddest period of his life up till now.

>> Don’t worry..your shyness make u looks more adore!!Ilm glad u’re improving <<

3. When performing on stage for the first time, he could not see anything in front of him, and even forgot the lyrics before going up on stage. But he thought of his parents who were sitting in front of the stage, he thought “Yes, I must look for them”, and thus calmed down gradually.

<< Ahh..good kid!!I done everything for my parent to lol!!..haha..only now saying that..no..no..joking!! >>

4. The Leader who commits the most mistakes during practices; the Leader who feels respoonsible for the group and solves problem, the Leader who will just zone out from time to time, the Leader who still stays strong despite sporting swollen, red eyes under the glaring lights, the Leader who cries in the car secretly after getting injured.

<< Ahhh…it’s soo touching!! ❤ you more!!cry in the car??me too!! Can’t stop my tears to flowing down right now!! >>

5. “Rather than saying that I use certain methods to make the sunbaes like me, I am just working hard to be respectful.” It is this thought that accompanies the 90 degree bow everytime.

<< Owhh..now I get it!! Love even more..!! >>

6. Infamous NG King. “You just cannot not NG can’t you!” (KEY)

<<..hehe..He’s not NG r too adorable..He must do that..he’s my sangtae!! >>

7. “Honestly, amongst all of the SHINee members, in the terms of looks, physique, expression…and everything is charismatic and the only phrase to describe the person is ‘near perfection’, that member is — ME!”

<< HAahahaha..u compliment yourself?? lorgh2x..cute..I will said that too to u!! >>

8. Good in studying, was second in the entire school before. To him, it’s nothing to be very proud of, because everyone has their own strengths that is irreplaceable by others, isn’t it more important to discover that strength and make use of it?

<< Totally true!! Everone have their own strength..Like me I am an expert in cooking!!lorgh2x!!..You gonna be my first tester!! >>

9. Because he got curious after hearing that “if there is something heavy on your chest, your thoughts will become heavy too, and you will experience illusions”, so he went went to sleep hugging a box, hoping to enter a land of illusions but nothing happened…

<< Ahh..I watch this clips once..Lol..too curios are’nt you?? >>

10. Looks gentle and quiet, but is very ambitious at attempting to be humourous, is always very enthusiastic about trying various methods to hype up the atmosphere behind the scenes. Also possesses the ability to freeze the atmosphere with whatever he says, but there are just once or twice a year when people do feel that he is funny.

11. ‘What should you do if you are a victim of the SHINee poison?’ ” …Go to the hospital for cure! (innocently, seriously)

<< Hehehe..this r just to cute..I’m already be the victims!!..what u should do then??Ppopo??hehe >>

12. Can be quite blur at times. “Our album will be released in May (firmly) …. It’s already August now?! ….Oh then it should be in September…Ah (manager glares at him) No no, it’s in August, end of August…”

<< Are you really the leaDER??..your blur condition makes me smiles always lol!! >>

13. His idea type is something who has character, good personality, is responsible, knows how to cook, looks good in appearance, the hands must be especially pretty, and the most important aspect — it must be a noona!

<< AAhhh…I’m not a noona to him..do you accept dongsae?? I sure u do..owh..I can cook..good personality,character, hands r pretty??what is that?? why the hands lol!!  Ki~yo!!I’m gonna use hands lotion every day starting right now lol!! >>

14. If met with unbearable situations, changes mindset from “I have to do ____ before its fine?” to “It’s just doing _____ then it will be alright” and it will work. Be it heaven or hell, what matters is how you view it.

<< Whhooppss..what a good mindset!! >>

15. Tied his hair with the filigree(the golden strip thing) used to package bread, that was when he was really young, and had really long hair…

Another Ki~yo action..lorgh2x..faint..n laughing!!

16. Strong at adapting, when dressing up as a girl for the first time, he felt fascinated and awkward, but after awhile he was able to start dancing sexy dances. If he does changes into a girl? He would probably date Key. Unique, strong personality, very interesting, just like his cup of tea.

<< I watch the clips too..He looks so shy n try to act like a girl..Soo Ki~yo!! >>

17. Does not hide his worry about the possibility of him commiting mistakes because he is does not feel capable of it. “Can I do it well?”, “Will it be safe?”, “Will I get into trouble?”, whatever comes to mind he will voice it out, and after that, will feel more daring to continue on.

<< Fell more daring to continued on?? lorgh2x!! >>

18. Suffers from the “Floudering about” syndrome, will sink into a state of baffling nervousness whenever he does not know how to answer something. When it comes to handling the direction of a conversation, it will be fine if he is not nevous, but once he ends up panicking, he will want to shout “umma”.

<< I will do the same thing though..shout my umma…only u can save me umma!!..Better not be nervous.. >>

19. Will wake up early to make roast meat for Taemin, but sleep is also very important, must have a good sleep, eat well and abstain from unhealthy snacks — how else to maintain such a good complexion?

<< Ahh…soo adorable…he’s act really like a great hyung!!! Taemin recieved a really2 big love from he’s hyungs..Every1 love him!! >>

20. The most memorable present. the most treasured present, the happiest present received: Everyone’s love. How about using this year’s Newcomer Award to repay that? That is a precious gift that can only received once in a lifetime, want to receive it, and then…Hehe, not telling you! …Did I say that?…Eh….

<< Whhopppss..what the?? >>

Matters needing attention:

Onew condition: Turning quiet suddenly, not talking to anyone, just sitting there in a daze; committing mistakes in most unlikely and unexpected situations, it is fine that others are baffled and fascinated by it but the main thing is that he does not even know why, muddles up from time to time, for details refer to point 12 above. If any of the above mentioned is committed, it is termed the “Onew condition”.

The X catalyst: Forcefully trying to bring him back into the reality world; questions why he commits such a baffling mistake; and reasoning with him.

The O catalyst: Wait for him to return to earth; laugh along with him. If he falls or trips, silently observe if he is trying to conceal his pain and divert other’s attention from his injury with his smile; take what he says as the final say, do not take it too seriously, since most of the time he commits blunders on what everyone else already know, even if he does not correct it, you will already know the right answer…

(and before i end this, just a little trivia: he was called “tofu” because his name (onew) actually means soft in Korean…) or should it call Ondubu!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 21, 2008.

17 Responses to “A Dorky Facts Of SHINee Leader Name Ondubu!!ooppss..sorry..Onew!!That’s why I Love Him!”

  1. Love u ONEW ^^

  2. Auwww… Ondubu Onew sangtae.. xDD

  3. luv him! my cute ondubu! he is such a good person~

    ^^ gagagaga~melting~~~

  4. onew means soft?
    you should put one of these for taemin too!!
    i love taemin…

  5. onew my lovely boy….huhu…love u. if key was a girl…i better lose my onew to her/him. hahaha…great couple.

  6. what is the 6th point’s meaning?

  7. ONEW…………… ^_^ u make me more addicted with SHINee, Gumaptha………

  8. i love tou forever ONEW,,,,,

  9. onew such a rely gud leader to other members..ah,i think start to like him..huHU

  10. I am really really love Onew Oppa, a lot of my life! Haha

    I love the way he speaking, singing, doing Onew Sangtae, and all things he did.

    For me he is the best leader and the most patient one. Altough he isn’t dating with the noona in the variety show, he still can laugh and said “its okey, because I am Onew”

    its all make me love him! More more! And I can’t stop thinking about him. Altough in my chemistry school test 🙂

    may i ask you (the writer) about where do you watch the clip about Onew make up like girl? What is the clip title? Can you tell me? Because i have searched at all but i can’t find it. Help me..
    And thank you 🙂

  11. Appa Onew ah you are very beautiful eyes .. i love you forever


  13. Ondubu ❤
    I couldn't help but cry when I saw "cries secretly after getting injured" Aww, my Onew is soo cute ❤

  14. Hey…what’re those videos that you were talking about in the post??
    I tried to look for them but still couldn’t find any….are those in Yunhanam??

  15. 久久 >no..it’s not from yunhanam..I think it’s from the School Of Rock Behind The Scene..The scene’s that i’m talking about are in one of those BTS videos..

  16. i saw him crying in ending of concert makes me cryu and cry..

  17. i love u onew. u r the awesomest member in shinee

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