My Last Post Before I Am Away~~~~!!!Bubye!!

Well..A Big Hello To all!!

I’m gonna say Goodbye for a moment right now..

Yeah..i think this is my last post for this month lol!!

Owh..My classes r getting started for this new coming years!!

I will not updated my blogs anymore..

Starting from this christmas and so on..I mean this coming 26th

soo..there will be no more direct link to your Favourite Kpop song..uuhhuu..

Anyway I will leave the link to download the latest Kpop song..soo don’t worry..

I will probably not updated my blogs bout 1 month..soo..

I’m not sure..depends on how often I will comeback home..huhuh..I hope I come back often lol!! every week?? hahaha..umma don’t u miss your lovely daughter??? Ok!!ok!! twice a month?? lol!!

I’m gonna miss my cat a Lot!! Aiiyyaa..Cielo take care of yourself ok!! Umma gonna be away..n will come back often for you..hehe..

I hope u behave or else my Ibunda Tercinta will throw u away…!!!…So litter at your usual place yeah..n stop scratching the will get mad again…

Actually my university not that far from my Home..about..100 km away??maybe?? haha..I don’t count..anyway do you guys want the link to download great kpop song??

Lorgh..lorgh..I know you’ll want it..

But wait a moment..should I give or!! u guys gonna miss me???? hahaha..

Anyway if I have time in the uni I will probably updated it!! well…depends…

wait..wait..wait..I will post the link don’t worry..

here it is

Korean Heaven

File Archive

Japanese Heaven

TQ for all the comment n support that u’ll give to me!!

You all have made my day brighter n brighter with your comment n support lol..Keep coming comment me more!!

And don’t forget to Keep coming to my blogs often eventhough i’m not gonna update it often anymore..just wait for me…Ok!!


~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 23, 2008.

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