Boys Before Flower OST SS501-Bcoz I’m Stupid & T-Max – Paradise mp3 download!!

Yess!!! Finally have time to watch it!!!

hmmm….my stars got to be 3 out of 5

why 3??? hehe..I found the drama r much..much..more cuter than Hana Yori Dango..

but I think the story line r a bit mess up..I don’t know why..

but doumyoji r too tall!! the main character r suppose to be arrogant n bit dummy..but I don’t see that on Jong Pyo but the curly hair r just perfect!!hahaha..

that’s is the trademark of the main characters lol!!

Jong Pyo have the arroganest but look not so dummy like the main characters always do..

I like Jandi..the character r more funny than Makino..

Makino looks more innocent n reserved…

Anyway I  the drama..disputed of what people say bout this drama..

I will continued writing bout this drama to watch it full first..

but here r the main OST of the drama If you wanted!!


T-Max – Paradise (Main Theme)

Ahh…I don’t think that this song suited for the opening of the song or main theme of the drama..

It’s ctachy but..hmmm..I dont know..compared to Hana Yori Dango n Meteor Garden who have the same concept of drama…

the main theme song for the drama should be taken by Famous Boys group..

I believed that korean have a lot of Boys group..

I dont like the song so much as the main theme of the song..

I prefer SS501 sing or SHINee..

Is an Idol drama I think..the song should be more teen friendly..

but I guess that’s the only perfect song that suited enough the drama

SS501 – Because I’m Stupid Boys Over Flower OST

Ahh..this song totally love it..

I like it more than Paradise..

It’s the ending song for the idol drama, and this is a nice song.

It’s great to hear from SS501 again…

I’ve always liked their vocals (especially since I’m currently in a Kyujong-obsession phase, lol)

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on January 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “Boys Before Flower OST SS501-Bcoz I’m Stupid & T-Max – Paradise mp3 download!!”

  1. Thankz a lotttt.I really luv the songs from should be main theme song from the group that well-known like shinee or ss501..

  2. i love boys over flower

  3. ang ganda poh ng show nyo

  4. what bbf 2 ?

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