Big Bang Seung Ri Solo – Strong Baby mp3 download!!with lyrics

Seung Ri – Strong Baby mp3 Big Bang made a solo!!


I love them when they’re solo..

but with group..

they’ll have powers!!

anyway love the song..++GD made the rapping part..ahh..totally a LOVE!!

I love Daesung Solo the most..

[5] Strong Baby (SR solo) Translation Lyrics

Composers: 배진렬 + G-Dragon | Lyrics: 배진렬 + G-Dragon
Translated by: Jeska + gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators@soompi
*do not add to or remove credit line*

-note: Words in this color are sung in English; GD assists in backup vocals

(GD: ya’ll like this man
ayo, your boy GD letting ya’ll know
VI ready to blow (VICTORY)
His stage, his show,
His moves, his flow
And holding nothing back
Just letting it go, fosho.
Show ‘em what you got brah)

hey sexy (crack crack crack crack)
tonight, you know (crack crack crack crack)
i’m a strong baby (crack crack crack crack)
put on my jacket and then.. (let’s go)

let’s make love tonight, cover my eyes tonight
don’t say ‘this is the end,’ don’t let me go
exploded neon sign, broken mirror ball
in this place, you and me, just two of us, rock and roll
(hey there baby tell me what you want it, say yeah)
who are you still waiting for
(hey there baby take me out so hurry come to me)
get close to me roughly don’t stop

this is just the beginning, it’s time to become one
your foot on top of my foot, your arm around my body
we dance together and start to fire together
we’re so hottest in the world like d d d d d this yo

you like it (crack crack crack crack)
all grown up (crack crack crack crack)

noticeable lies, don’t say “i hate you”
why do you say irrelevantly, a clear kiss mark on your cheek
unforgettable last night, a hot night
don’t ask my age “i guess you know love me”
(hey there baby tell me what you want it say yeah)
(your) eyes quivering, why do you hesitate
(hey there baby take me out so hurry come to me)
don’t be afraid too much, relax your mind I’m so so so cool

Repeat Chorus

let’s party baby shake it baby all night long just one night one shot
V I C T O R Y feel me my baby (hot like the fire)

you say no but your eyes are telling me
throw yourself into music c’mon girl~ with me
(yo let’s dance)

Repeat Chorus

come a little closer (crack crack crack crack)
yeah, just like that (crack crack crack crack)
you know how it is (crack crack crack crack)
V.I like this, bye ladies

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~ by Qea Heart Kpop on January 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Big Bang Seung Ri Solo – Strong Baby mp3 download!!with lyrics”


    I really like thes song :$
    thanks a lot for you
    My name is Maya live in the Arab World

  2. Thank you 😀

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