Baek Ji Young – Give Your Lips 입술을 주고 mp3 download Link!!

MV credit=soulinmyeye@YT

Baek Ji Young – Give Your Lips mp3 download

Actually this is the first song that I heard from her..then Like Being Hit With Bullet

b4 this I don’t know who she is until I saw her on Music Bank making a comeback stage..

suddenly love this song..soo sexy lol hehe..

I love her dance..


200901211608171002_1 her..she’s got a beauty goodess..


Why is it so hard to find her lyrics??

try to find the lyrics but the result r 0000!!

anyway hope y’ll enjoy the song as I do..

Psss>>> Don’t forget to credit

and comment me back

if you taking the song link out lol!!

Please at least give me some comment..I love it


A big ❤ TQ!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on January 29, 2009.

8 Responses to “Baek Ji Young – Give Your Lips 입술을 주고 mp3 download Link!!”

  1. where’s the link?i really want to dload dis song!

  2. lol missL the word under the MV credit = soulinmyeye..
    Baek Ji Young – Give Your Lips mp3
    I hope u found it..

  3. thanks a lot

  4. Thanks a lot for the link!I’ve been searching for it!!

  5. thanks a lot..
    firt time when i watched her perf.. theis song is catchy..and!!
    sexy song..she looks young and hot in the perf..yeah love her new song comeback..
    my fav female singer..
    love the song~!!

  6. thanks!
    been looking for this song everywhere but hadnt had much luck

  7. thanks for the mp3. hi3. i search for the mp3 4 long time already.

  8. thank !! :DD

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