Sorry Guys!!

sorry guys for the lack of update!!
I’m totally busy wif study n the final exam coming up for the semester..
I’ll probably not gonna update this blog until april..
but at the end of my semester break!!!woohoo!!there will be time that I will fully update my blog..
I know that’s a lot of new song coming out!!Super Junior Song!!ahh..totally..guys please forgive me..
I will post the full album download..later..I don’t know when..I hope It will never too late..
plus+++…other kpop new album..hmm..I’m waiting for SHINee new single or song..
totally miss all the boys..totally my ondubu!!!when is the new album coming out??
n I’m missing Wonder Girls too!!I miss their song n their dance!!soo much of nobody making me bored!!
I know SNSD have new album..but sorry guys..
I don’t have soo much interest towards SNSD..that’s why i’m not posting any of their song..u can check out their updates from one of my fav blogs on the left of my blog
I love KARA!!..but that song ‘honey’..hear it too much..make me more annoyed..don’t know why..;p final exam gonna be on this 20th of April!!
too much pressure!!!
there’s soo many things to study,physic..chemistry..n especially bio!!
Bio makes me bored!!
please somebody help me!!
I wanna past the exam..n study my Food Technology!!
anyway..can u guys wait for a little longer?? to pack my bags to go back to campus..
Wish me luck guys..

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on March 22, 2009.

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