F.T Island – I Believe Myself mp3 download album link!!


owh even their jump up album not finish promoting yet..but new album coming out??
lol..too fast..

but it just a repackage but still…such a rush..

anyway there r 3 song in this album..

but I already upload two..another got to put the link up later..

I think it’s japanese..or maybe it’s not..got to hear to it again..

i’m 100%ly sure it’s japanese..

I think I hear jaejin voice or the new one..

owh btw if both pon..still its good!!

ejnoy…I’ve been updated this blog with all the new song from mowning till the moon r comig out..so i’m kind of tired of typing n uploading soo..

my mind r so chaos..n I dont’ what to comment anymore bout this blog..maybe will updated it later ok??

F.T Island – I Believe Myself mp3

n another eng song..as usual in the repackage album

TV Radio??hmm..maybe hongki sound awful with this song..I don’t know why..the pronounciation r a bit or lot of bad..


F.T Island – TV Radio mp3

Psss>>> Don’t forget to credit

and comment me back

if you taking the song link out lol!!

Please at least give me some comment..I love it


A big ❤ TQ!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on April 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “F.T Island – I Believe Myself mp3 download album link!!”

  1. thx ya…

    i like that songs..

  2. hye, what is ondubu sangtae????
    can i know????

  3. hehehe..why is evryone asking me what sangtae is??
    anyway..ondubu sangtae is..hmm..wat should I said yah??
    is something that onew (from SHINee) act that sumtime a bit dorky..n he love to make jokes..that he think is funny n other think that he’s jokes r weird..like that I think..

  4. I LOVE YOU!!!!!! thanks so much!! it takes me a while to find these songs especially whem my mum wont let me BUY them!!

    Ure a saviour (ish)

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