SNSD – Ha Ha Ha mp3 download!! and Dear Mom song!!


I don’t know if this is a new song or what..

but i found the link..

it’s a catchy song..same like Gee..

but I love Gee more..anyway..stop of bubling..

more updates new song will be coming..soo..

enjoy the song..Love it though I love Gee More..

SNSD – Ha Ha Ha mp3.

n finally the song that I love the most from their Gee Album..

love it the most..eventhough I’m not their fans..but the song r just nice!!

meaningful..Dear Mom..

so here is the link if sumones still want it..

though it’s late for me to post the song link..huhuhu..

SNSD – Dear Mom mp3

Psss>>> Don’t forget to credit

and comment me back

if you taking the song link out lol!!

Please at least give me some comment..I love it


A big ❤ TQ!!

come on guys…

a few thankz??please??comment me please??hmmm..TQ!!

even u download it..please??hehehe..chow

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on April 17, 2009.

12 Responses to “SNSD – Ha Ha Ha mp3 download!! and Dear Mom song!!”

  1. very thx for hahaha 🙂


  2. thankyou very much for the link. i love Snsd and their songs. Gee, HimNae n HaHaHa – I’m addicted to them nowadays. Haha

  3. I love these songs Thanks for sharing.

  4. thank you about song

  5. thanks for sharing ^_^
    Guess I’ll be addicted to this song for a while @_@

    thanks always ❤ woo

  7. Thanks, It’s not a new song its just part of a comercial. Whether or not they decide to incorporate it into an actual song is an entirely different story. Thanks again

  8. thank you ^o^

  9. cheers. great song.

  10. THANKS

  11. thanks! been looking for this song

  12. the song it’s very good…

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