2AM – A Friend’s Confession mp3 download!!& lyrics

One of meaningful song..I’ll never gonna date my own frens..no..no..no..frens r forever..guys??come n go..hemuh3

I think it’s better be friends than boyfren..I will act naturally with frens than be with guy that I like..


I always do love the 2AM n also 2PM..

but I love 2AM more cuz I love Ballad song more than anything else…

I also love changmin voice in this song..hehehe..

and I’m totally love their new haircut except for changmin..since no different than before…

totally digg Jo Kwon new hair..it’s fits him very much..better than before..cuz b4 his hair like putting it down..n now r more spiky n  totally rocks..haha..love it..but its resemble some cartoon??which r??haha..remember now..chibi maruko chan friends!!

n who’s that have a lot of hair in his legs??I think it’s ong Seul right??haha..hairy guys..just like eunhyuk!!

his hair..did he switch his hair to Jo Kwon??haha..it’s seem that his hair r down right now right??actually for me..his hair putting down r much better..a new different style..LIKE IT!!

JinWoon hair r also cools!!


2am_20090319_seoulbeats2it’s that really ong seul biceps??ahhh..i’m fainted right now..HOT!!!!I always love him!!

2AM – Friend’s Confession mp3

lyrics credit>>>makikawaii.wordpress.com

2AM – Friend’s Confession Lyrics

ggwae ohrae dwetsuh
nae mamee jogeumshik byunhagi shijakhanji
honjasuh gwaerohwuhhanji..
uhnjaebootunga neega ohrddaemada
nuhreul uhrlineun namjaga nuhmoona meewuhtsuh

charari naega nuhl jikineungae
naeuljido moreun saenggakee…

eejaeneun naega nuhl ahnahjoogo
saranghaejoogo shipdan saenggakee deuluhtsuh

Baby eejaeneun naegaewah
And be my lady
nuhmoona ohraedongahn jikyuhbwatsuh
mal uhbshi suhsuh
ahntakkawoon gaseumeul soomgimyuh

chingooroh, chingooroh jinaeya handaneun eeyuroh
mokgaji chaohllatduhn geu gobaekeul chamahyahaetsuh..
hajiman eejaeneun gobaekhalgae
nuhreul saranghae…

nae soneul jabgo nabakkae uhbdamyuh
nagahteun chingooreul dungae,
jeongmal keun chukbogiramyeo
byeonchi maljago mareul halttaemada,
jogeumshik jaraneun nae sarangeul nulluhtsuh

charari naega nuhl jikineungae
naeuljido moreundaneun saenggakee

jakkooman deuluhtjiman chamahtsuh
nuhreul eeruhbuhrilkkaba duryuhwoh, hajiman…

Baby (Baby) eejaeneun naegaewa (naegaewa)
And be my lady (lady)
nuhmoona ohraedongahn jikyuhbwatsuh
maruhbshi suhsuh
ahntakkawoon gaseumeul soomgimyuh (No)

chingooroh (Your friend), chingooroh jinaeya handaneun eeyuroh (I know)
mokgaji chaohrlatdun (chaohrlatdun geumahl)

geu gobaekeul (gobaekeul) chamahyahaetsuh (mahlhal su uhbsuhtsuh)
hajiman eejaeneun gobaekhalgae,
nuhreul saranghae…
I love you…

<<<Translation lyrics>>>

It’s been a while
since my heart has been changing,
since I’ve been dealing with it lonesome..
every time you came back,
I hated the guy that made you cry

I’d rather protect you,
although I don’t know if it will make it better…

This time I’ll hold you and love you
is what I thought

Baby, come to me now
And be my lady
I’ve watched you for too long
I stood there with no words,
hiding my pitiful heart.

As a friend, to remain as friends,
I had to push the confessions down my throat
But now I’ll confess to you,
I love you…

You hold my hand and tell me you only have me
Keeping me as a friend,
you say it’s a blessing
Whenever you say let’s never change,
I had to push my feelings down

It might be best if I protect you,
not knowing if it will be better

I kept hearing it but I kept cool
I was too scared to lose you, but…

Baby (Baby) Come to me now (Come to me)
And be my lady (lady)
I’ve watched you for too long
I stood there with no words,
hiding my pitiful heart (No)

As a friend (Your friend), to remain as friends (I know),
I had to push the confessions down my throat (The overflowing words)

That confession (confession) I had to hold it in (I couldn’t say it)
But now I’ll confess to you,
I love you…

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on April 18, 2009.

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  1. ANNyeong haseyo ..^__6 gomawo ..ur the best ^__6

  2. awww i love this song too~ thx for the lyrics!!

  3. i luv 2 am

  4. thnk u =]

  5. Thanks a lot~

  6. like this song sooooooooooo much..
    until cant stop listening to it for a view weeks..
    really have a deep meaning to me T.T
    thanks for share it anyway^^

  7. thanx for the mp3 link and also the lyric ^^

  8. kyaa~~
    i really love this song!! their voice was awesome.
    thanks for sharing,,

  9. I became so addicted to this song <'

  10. hi super junior i love you very very leeteuk.eunhyuk.kibum.hankyunk.sungmin.donghae.kyuhyun.yesung.heechul

  11. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i love super junior im from algeran

  12. leetuek

  13. wow it’s amazing song really and the boys do it well best luck for2am

  14. thx for sharing it!! awesome

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