Malaysian Readers!!

Finally..want to say something to all the malaysian readears..

I know most of my readers..oppss…not so call a readers..mayb people stopping by here…r from m’sia..

no i’m not asking for anything..FYI..not asking u guys to vote for me or anything..wateva it is..

I’m just wondering for a moment

just want to write malay in here for sometimes..but then I remember..

not all people stopping by here r malaysian n coming from m’sia so..I just kept close my intention to write in malay..

but if I still gonna wirte in malay..mayb some of the guys/girls..don’t know what i’m talking bout..mayb they think that i’m swearing or what??but got to say sumthing..

this blog totally improve my writing in english..

but I feel like writing in malay..

well..aku bhusan!!! lg takot nk tgu result kuar..ahh..penentu mase dpn..

aku dh pilih pon course aper lps tibe2 menyesal lak pilih course tue..klu dpt pon..nk ke x nk??

mak sedara suruh amik diploma in nursing,tp ak nk food technology,ayah sblom nie suruh aku amik law..aku minat gak dh x dpt nk buat camner kn…ibu lak sblom ni srh amik TESL..aku minat gak sbb ibu ckp bleh blaja kat luar negara..huhuhu..

tp last2..pilihan aku tetap satu!! Food Technology!!

tibe2 aku rase pelik la tulis dlm mlayu nier..ala..dh terbiase tulis eng r..hehe..bkn blagak la..entah..x tau r..pelik tibe2 tulis malyu n x yah nk pikir buat ayat..just ikut ske ape yg aku nk tekan kat keyboard ni huhuhu..

currently mood aku sgt pelik..nk keje part time cuti ni tp ade ker owg nk amik aku jd pekerja??
anyone??tlg la crikn aku keje part time kat area KL!!

nk rase duit sendiri..asyik pki duit ibu jer..bosan r camtuer..

ader pic utk sis punye kucing..cute boo name nyer..


sibuk gak nk brgmbr ngan present org..hehehe..

itu present my sister yg bagi..nk la promote kat kakak aku yg sengal!!haha..

Sister Blog

nnti die kakak sndiri pon x nk ltk kat blogroll..ok!!dh letak!!happy??

dh r enough of bubling..

rite now I want to check the Shinee forums..

it’s been a while since I check the forums..

when is shinee gonna make a comeback..n totally my onew..I miss you too much!!huhuuhu..

got ot go…chow!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on May 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Malaysian Readers!!”

  1. their comeback is on 19th may.i can’t wait either.owh..should i speak in bahasa?saya pon tak sabar.x))

  2. i got an offer for food tech in poly but i refused.huhu.i want to take tesl so bad.but i didn’t get it.i applied uia.they rejected seems bizarre.coz my result wasn’t that i know why..dorang kadang2 main kroni.=.=”

  3. hahahaha…kejam tol ayat ujung2 tu… org ckp kt blogroll awk…tak suruh pon awk promote blog akak…cesss….tp, kalo dh promote..takper la..huhuhuhu

    weh..BooBoo tercarik2 awak la… boring dia balik umah… space dh kecik..hahahaha..takder kertas org nk diduduki

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