Sem Break!!!Hangebok!!Ondubu I Miss You!!

Halooo..i’m back!!

yeah sem break..I don’t know if it’s call sem break or what??hahaha..

this means i’ve got a lot of time to updates this blog untill I’ll go back to my studies!!

I just check out the Shinee forums n I suddenly realize how long that I didn’t visit the forums!!

I miss too much of Onew..Shinee hav a long break lol..

but they still in promoting their group around asia I think..

they already promoting theirselve in Thailand n China n Singapore too..

I’m wondering..when r they r coming to Malaysia n make their first concert here??

If they do..I will be the first to buy their concert tickets!!well..maybe not the first one..since I will be not the first one to know that they’re coming..

why r the korean group,japan group or for more easier words..asian group have lack of promotion in m’sia??like super junior promotion..I’m totally do not know that they are coming to malaysia before..

I really want to go..I love those boys too!!

well that is not the main things that I want to write..

well..after about 2 n a half month didn’t visit the forums..(ok i’m maybe late) ..onew have a longer hair!!!

Ahh..I don’t know what to say..


i don’t know why..he looks more mature??is that the words??hehehe..yes I think it is..

I read in the forums..some of them don’t like his hair..but for me..I totally adores it..

I have a peek for you guys..cuz i’m gonna make a full post bout this..hehehe..ok just a peek of his current hair..


cute right… totally melt with his long hair..

n I got news from one of blog frens that SHINee gonna make a comeback on this 19th May!!

owh..can’t wait..

n again TQ izza for the information!!

actually i’m goona write bout my whole past semester..but onew have interupt it..hhiisss..

anyway..I have a crush on sumone in campus..but i’m not gonna say it here..there is too much spies here…hahaha

no stick to one!!hahaha..anyway..I’m totally gonna miss my frens in this sem.. n my frens gonna choose a different course after this..aahhh..but y’all crazy frens..I don’t want to meet y’ll lar..even before we go back to our own home u guys r planning to throw me with egg??what kind a friend r u guys..

one word in bahasa>>TAK GUNA!!hahaha..

specially for my  frens at Uitm K.Pilah..Tiqah,Ina,Shimon…or should I call them amachi(tiqah),minachi(Ina) n thambichi(shima)..u’ll mmg x gune??

thank god I pack my back sooner n get my feet off faster than u guys..if not..i’ll probably going back home smelling like a cat poops..yuukkss..

I have no new link to give u new song..if anyone requesting..I will probably try to find it..

in the meantime..I will updated more of my Onew!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on May 4, 2009.

One Response to “Sem Break!!!Hangebok!!Ondubu I Miss You!!”

  1. qea.i’ve already invited you as my blog reader.make sure you accept it.i also done with the emoticon tutorial.u can check it in my blog.x)

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