Baek Ji Young – Love Is Not A Crime(사랑이 죄인가요)Princess Ja Myung Go OST blog finally reach 100,000 visitors!!!

wow…ahhhaa..thankz again’re the best..

btw..soon I guess I’ve got my own dot com!!!hahaaha..can’t believe it til now..

my sister pay for it..hahaha..


From Princess Ja Myung Go OST..

yeah the queen of ballad made it for the Ja Myung Go OST..

a really touching ballad song..i know that she’s not so popular

but I totally like her..her voice r just the best for a ballad song lol!!

this one is not to be miss..just the best as Like Being Shot by A Bullet

I’m not watching the drama yet..I guess I will never watch it since I dont like epic historical drama lol..

except for iljimae..hehehe..totally love lee junki..ahhaa..too clocse to Lee Jinki..just cut the u n change it to i..n u’ve got my lee jinki aka onew!!hahaha..silly me!!

n Tiffany from SNSD also in the soundtrack right??

hmmm..the song is quite popular right now..

anyway here is the link for Baek Ji Young song…

Baek Ji Young – Love Is Not A Crime mp3 download

n Tiffany By Myself link…

Tiffany(SNSD) – By Myself mp3 download

Psss>>> Don’t forget to credit

and comment me back

if you taking the song link out lol!!

Please at least give me some comment..I love it


A big ❤ TQ!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on May 25, 2009.

19 Responses to “Baek Ji Young – Love Is Not A Crime(사랑이 죄인가요)Princess Ja Myung Go OST”

  1. DRAMA: Princess Ja Myung Go rocks! you should try. Its a sad drama, a very unique drama with interesting storyline. I really like Love is not a crime too, it really fit with the drama

  2. oh really christy??
    then I have to watch it lol..
    since u say the drama was rocks!!haha..
    but currently I am watching n at the same time dowloading..hehe..The Slingshot..the drama r cools too…
    now I have to add Princess Ja Myung Go in my download list lol..after I finish download The Slingshot

  3. tru to watch ja myung go..and youll see how the good the characters and the love triangle..between the two princess sisters and the prince

  4. try to watch ja myung go…and youll see how good the characters and the love triangle between the two princess sisters and the prince..

  5. I very like this two song when I heard it for the first time while I watch ja myung go!!!

  6. Thanks for posting this!!! 🙂

  7. do anyone know where can i watch the full episodes of Ja Myung Go or is it still airing in Korea? 🙂

  8. yes watch it at engjoy its a good drama

  9. thanks for the post…by the way, where can I get a music sheet for the song love is not a crime?

  10. thank you for the post! I really appreciate any venue where I can learn about Kpop! 한국 만세! 파이팅!

  11. thank you so much for the download links! (: youre the bestttt.

  12. Thanks a million for the links!! Been looking for both the songs.. Thx u, thx u!! =) I couldn’t watch all the episodes on vikii though.. Don’t know why, but from what I’ve seen, thought LaHee was so stupid to have destroyed everything bcos of some guy.. Unbelievable! Very sad ending too, every major good guy dies.. Sigh.. =/

  13. Thanks a lot 4 being so generous! I love Korean people & Korean drama …. …. especially Princess Ja Myung

  14. Thanks for songs. Jamyung is now playing in Thailand. I love it.

  15. thank you very much for this song

  16. I watch the drama and i totally love it!
    I know you are not exactly fan of historical dramas but it’s a good one! It makes me cry everyday! It’s huge i mean it!
    Thanks for the song!

  17. thank you for nice song 🙂

  18. thank you

  19. i love this tv series very much .i watch it with great interest but unfortunately due to the malicious process of interferance of other channels for some purposes now we are unable to receive the airing of the korea tv .i miss the programs of this magnificient channel .some other people complai of the same problem we want to know if theres a change in frequency and polarity in order to install it in our tv menu . please help us to regain this channel i tell honestly korea tv means alot to me it has made a great change in my life thanks a lot . i am waiting for a miracle that would make korea tv resume its airing to enjoy watching it in yemen

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