SHINee – Romeo Album Download(All Song-Romeo+Juliette,Senorita,Please Don’t Go,Hit Me,Talk to You)


Ok here it is..the full song in the SHINee 2nd Mini Album..

I don’t know..the Romeo concept’s bored..eventhough its doesn’t suites much of SHINee..

but Onew Mask is totally hot..compared to others…hehehe..

but poor my jinki..he r getting hurt..his front teeth I think..getting injured..

The news>>taking from for the news!!)

On 19th May, after practice, Onew heading home when he fell from the stairs in his quarters and hurt himself. The doctor-in-charge said, “When he fell from the stairs, his front tooth got dislocated. He will need treatment for 1-2 weeks and his condition needs to be checked.”

their comeback stage for single Juleitte have to be postponed..

n why is your cute front teeth have to be dislocated??haha..poor ondubu..anyway get well soon ok!! I hope u can make it to the comeback stage..

I miss your sangtae a lot!!especially missing u perform on stage..

the tracklist in the Romeo-2nd Mini Album


01 니가 맘에 들어 (Talk To You)
03 차라리 때려 (Hit Me)
02 Juliette
04 세뇨리따 (Senorita)
05 잠꼬대 (Please, Don’t Go)
06 소년, 소녀를 만나다 (Romeo + Juliette)

SHINee – Senorita mp3 download

*recommended(5 star!!)

n finally I know why they pick Juliette as first single to promote..

cuz what I think Juliette n this Senorita have a big2 inpack..u know the song that can make people just stop a while n hear the song n say what is this song??..

yeah juliette a new diff kind of song..compared to other song in this mini album..

SHINee – Hit Me Baby mp3 download

4 star!!

this Hit Me song really got the soothful R&B-ish type of Best Place..

for me..I do like it a lot..since I like R&B n ballad..

it reminds me of NeYo song lol!!

SHINee – Romeo+Juliette mp3 download

*recommended(5 star!!)haha

same as Hit Me…I meant the beat of the song..

I think it fits OST lol!! I don’t know why..I feel like I have heard the beat of the song before in the Korean drama..

anyway I love onew voice in this song!! n the rap part r just best..

I don’t know who rap in the first part cuz it’s totally not sound like taemin or key..probably Minho I guess..but the rap part r just awesome..

Love the song n the title!!the song r just LOVE!! it!

SHINee – Talk To You mp3 download

3 star!!

this is more of bit diff..

they still remains the R&B kind of song..since SHINee is a contemporary band..the song is really fresh..

SHINee – Please Don’t Go mp3 download

*totally recommended!!(5+++ star!!)huhu

as in Super Junior they’ve got the K.R.Y(Kyuhyun,Ryeowook & Yesung) as the best vocal
n SHINee the 2 best vocal in the group y’ll know Jonghyun n Onew!!

yeah this two powerful voice make a collaboration song..yeah only jonghyun n onew sing in this song..

ahh..I’m totally love the song!!u know I always love ballad song..

this two my fav boys in SHINee(especially onew!!hehe)really nailed the song..really3x fantastic ballad song!!they made it..

at last..this is what I want..those two boys really2 have great ballad voice..

ahh..I don’t know what to say..just enjoy the song lol!!

Psss>>> Don’t forget to credit

and comment me back

if you taking the song link out lol!!

Please at least give me some comment..I love it


A big ❤ TQ!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on May 26, 2009.

65 Responses to “SHINee – Romeo Album Download(All Song-Romeo+Juliette,Senorita,Please Don’t Go,Hit Me,Talk to You)”

  1. thank u soooo much 4 letting me download these lovely songzz..

    u lke Jinki?? i love Jonghyun~~


  2. i like keyyy..hihi-nyibuk2.
    for me,romeo+juliette was like the best song everr.haha.
    love it,love it,love it.
    it sounds more matured.
    showing that they are growing up.
    please3 SHINee grow up prettily.huhu.

  3. x pe izza..nyibuk2 jap!!hahaha..
    ahhaa..same..I like Romeo+Juliette too!!
    but I love Please,Don’t Go more!!cuz Onew got his chance to sing a lot lol!!haha

  4. thanks for the song,,

    i like hit me,,,
    easy listening,,

    by the way, why in this blog no there 2Pm ?????

  5. thanks a lot, I really appreciate that
    U rocks!
    Go SHINee!

  6. taqiah: thanks so much for the downloads!! I’ve been searching like crazy for Please Don’t Go. I LOVE it to bits too XD

  7. thank uuuuu so muckk

  8. thanks so much one more time!

  9. thanks ne =D
    i dont know why a lot of ppl said this mini album disappoints them =/
    im not a shinee fan, but i have to agree that the songs in here are really good ^^

  10. wow…thx 4 song SHInee mini album…

  11. lol englha..r u try to find 2PM song??
    I have lol in my post..
    the 2PM again&again album..

  12. keeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!!!!!!!!

    my husband!!!!!!

    i love u!!!!!!!



  13. OooOOoNnNneeeeWwwww………!!!!

    i LovE u ForEver…..!!!!!

    youngwonhee saranghaaeyo!!!!!!!!!
    ^.^ ^.^ ^.^ ^.^ ^.^

  14. Thank You!!!!!!!! mmm as I see in your comments it’s aa amazing cd , I expect it’s as good as the last one is! *-*

  15. i loVe tAemiN aNd jONghyUN
    i like soNg is romEO juLiettE so mucH
    sHiNee figHtiNg!!!!!!!!

    jONgtAe forEvEr

  16. i loVe tAemiN aNd jONghyUN
    i like soNg is romEO juLiettE so mucH
    sHiNee figHtiNg!!!!!!!!

    jONgtAe forEvEr

    tHANks very mucH

  17. thank you for shinee

    aza kpop!!!!!

  18. thank you so much for the link…
    i’ve been searching everyone of it for days…
    you made my day*winkwink*
    arigato ghosaimas qea-chan…
    aisyiteruu jonghyun-senpai~~~~

  19. thanks alot for posting it =D

  20. thanks for you i can get the mp3..
    i really like please dont make me cry..

  21. yay!! thansk for sharing the song,,

  22. thank you!!!love them so much…
    but I’m a lil bit upset of the quality of their newest single Juliette

  23. thanks for uploading full album…
    SHINee World Hwaiting!!

  24. True, agreed with your comment on Romeo + Juliette. I liked the song title already when its released (: It has a different vibe with their previous songs. This album is worth 5 stars out of 5.

  25. have a question here.. what does sangtae mean? i think i’m already left behind.. TT__TT

  26. thanks for sharing!!!

  27. […] SHINee – Romeo Album Download(All Song-Romeo+Juliette,Senorita … […]

  28. you are amazing thanks~

  29. Khamsahamnida.. wuaaaaa , thanx a , cause u i got the romeo mini album , hehe ^^ luv it..

  30. Thank u very much bb ^^
    I’ve been listening this album constantly : )

  31. Thank you so much ^__^


  32. I love SHINee ><
    Thank you very much

  33. thank you so much for the links!!!

  34. Thanks for the links!!

    I love Hit Me Baby song so much!!!^___^

  35. Thanks for the links!

  36. U KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THE BEST THANKS ALOT just one thing at the beginnig of Senorita song the intro is in spanish and the song is really good but the thing that really bugs me is that they put english words they should just stick with the spanish cuz the intro is in spanish but well that is my opinion. They sound so cool in spanish when they say AMIGO BAILA CONMIGO…SOMOS SHINee

  37. Thank youu!!

  38. annyeong haseyo
    gomawo ne..^^

    love ur site ~~

    keep it up~~~

  39. thanks:D

  40. thank you so much for putting these songs up for download I love shinEE!

  41. kamsamnida..

  42. took two of them 😀

  43. kamsa hamnida!
    u helped me alot!
    loving onew and taemin even more!

  44. Thanks alot for the links for the song.
    Love the songs in the ablum ROMEO

    SHINee fighting!

  45. Thank you

  46. thanks a lot!!! this makes it a lot easier for me to download their songs….

  47. i love u,..
    u r my life saver,..
    thnx 4 da song,..
    shinee 4ever

  48. hey i love please dont go too:)i download from ur the song:)

  49. I love all the song, OMG, thank u so much, love u…:x

  50. Thanks for the files!

  51. thengs bnget yhh ,

  52. Mabuhay!!! I’m from Philippines, I am currently hooked on ktj-pop (korean, taiwanese and japanese…hahaha) even though I couldn’t understand the lyrics…hahaha…

    GO ShiNee!!! they definitely ROCKS!!!

    can’t wait for Nov. 27 they will be coming here in the Philippines…

  53. yeah ..!!!
    i like it ..
    Luvt u shinee ..!!


  54. Thank you so much for sharing the downloads to these songs. I am in love with SHINee’s music and I wish they would come the U.S. Minho is my favorite~!

  55. thnq for sharing the downloads!!! 🙂

  56. omg thank you for sharing the downloads. i love it so much XD

  57. i love shinee :* :* veryyyy much!!!!!!!!!!1

  58. yeah!,…thank u so much for this songs..i cant afford to buy their 2nd album but still in the store…now their release other album…i think i need to save save more money to buy their album…i really really want too… officially addicted to shinee………specially onew///////and of course key…and all of them…….SHINEE FIGHTING!!!!!SARANGHAEYO!1^,~

  59. THANKYOU! 😀 here’s a comment for u! 😀 SHINEE FTW! TAEMINNNN ❤

  60. thank you SOOOOOO MUUUCH!!!!!! I just love SHINee!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  61. thanks i like thes

  62. hello pleas

  63. Thank you soo much. I reay like Shinee.

  64. thank you so so soooo much for putting these up!

  65. I really like shinee guys m the big fan of jonghyun n choi minho I don’t know korean language bt m the biggest fan of korean people n plz jonghyun oppa never ever cry popo saraghaee

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