V.O.S feat JaeBum(2PM) – To Luv mp3 Download!!n Jae Bum Phone Wallpaper!!!

hehehehe..actually i’m not a fan of V.O.S lol!!

just bcoz..since Jaebum is featuring in this song..haha

I like jaebum alot lol..but I love Taec more!!..

n suddenly heart him so much..since he is a dorky leader just like onew!!hahaha..

but actually the song r nice lol!!..


the link for the song..

V.O.S Feat JaeBum(2PM) – To Luv mp3 download


huhuhu..my fav one day!!this is wallpaper for size 240×320

I have more wallpaper of jaebum n just can’t wait to post the pic lol!!hehe..since when I post a wallpaper??anyway!!take it!


~ by Qea Heart Kpop on May 27, 2009.

8 Responses to “V.O.S feat JaeBum(2PM) – To Luv mp3 Download!!n Jae Bum Phone Wallpaper!!!”

  1. aaaaaaaaaa~jaybeom!!!!six pack hottie,six pack hottie.i am melting right away…

  2. OMG JAY PARK!!!!

    thanks for sharing this weeeee ^^

  3. thank you so much!!! 😀

  4. oooowww my fave leader,,hehe ^^

    go jaebuM go jaebuM goo~~ ^^

  5. thxxxxx :))
    he’s mine fave too
    foever ^ ever

  6. Thx….I like the wallies. ^^

  7. thanks for the picture…
    i miss park jay soooo much…

  8. thanks for the pic…
    i miss park jay already…
    where were you just now oppa??

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