8Eight – Goodbye My Love mp3 Download!! Romanization & Translation Lyric!!


well this song r getting more popular now right..

ahh..this song r same great as without a heart..but the diff is this song r more catchy n just lovely melody..

I just love the rapping part in this song..

actually i’m starting to love 8Eight since the without a heart song..n so hee r featuring in their music video..

n the MV for this song..ahh..Jin Woon from 2AM(I’m not a fan of him..just Ja Kwon n Seulong4eva!!hehe)..wtih So Eun..what a sad MV..what a superb MV aiighht..??

anyway stop of bubling..here is the mp3 link

>>8Eight – Goodbye My Love mp3 download<<

n another one song that included in this album..No One Cries Because They Want To

more like Without a heart..ahh..forget to tell..this song r featuring with Dynamic Duo..just enjoy!!

8Eight – No One Cries Because They Want To mp3 download

n the lyric..just love the song..need to find the lyric aiight!!

8Eight – Goodbye My Love Romanize & Translation Lyric

annyoung jal jinaeni
hello, how are are you?
gwiyubdun ni ulgooleun yaejun gwa gateunji
is your face still cute like before..
jogeum neujen anbu neujeun ibyuleul dama sseunda
pouring out my late regards and my late farewells, i write..

ddeun geum ubsshi wae pyunjinyago mootji aneulji
i wonder if you’ll simply ask me why it’s a letter
maesaeji mini hompi heunhandae goodji
when messages on mini homepages are more common
peneul deuneun gun hokshina nae mam da mot junhwalggabwa
firmly, i pick up my pen.. just in case i can’t convey my heart
daleun bangbubeulon yukshina andwelguh gatta
i feel like i can’t do this any other way
himgyubduhla mani saranghetdun tuhla
it was really hard. when i loved you,
mwuh hana hana nae ddeutdaelo dwaeneun gae ubduhla
nothing happened the way i wanted it to
geuman nul gwaelob hyuhla seuseulo dajimhago
i keep promising myself to stop bothering you
jookeun deut gidalyuhdo niga oneun gun aniduhla
even though i wait until death, you won’t come

jalgayo nae sarang ijen bonaejoolggaeyo
goodbye, my love. i’ll let you go now.
giuk choouk modoo ijeulggaeyo
the remembrances and the memories, i’ll forget them all
jioogo jiwuhsuh sarang hanjumdo biwuh nelggaeyo
i’ll erase and erase and empty out every drop of love
nae mamaesuh
from my heart

hanbun dan hanbunman nul dashi bogae dwaemyun ulmana joeulgga
one time, just one more time, if i am to see you again, how nice would that be..
ilun duhdin milyun noonmooldo modoo jioolyunda
this lingering attachment, these tears, i’ll erase everything

momi muluhjimyun maeumdo muluhjindan mal
the saying that as the bodies grow farther apart,the heart grows further apart as well
hanado naegen soyoung ubduhla da guhjitmal
is of no use to me, it’s all lies
haru haru galsoolok chochweh haejineun naega ansseuluh
everyday, i become more and more worn out.. i’m sorry for causing you trouble
dolagal soon ubsseulgga maeileul mooluh seuseulo
everyday, i ask myself, “can’t we go back”
aetaneun nae mameul jwiuh jjanae solichyuhbwatja,naegen deulijiga anneunda
even if i wring out my distressed heart and cry out, you can’t hear
chooukeh ggeutaesuhya ibyuleul ggaedaleun hoo aeya
at the end of our memories, after i’ve realized our separation,
nae mamaesuh nul bonenda annyoung
i’ll let you go from my heart.. goodbye

jalgayo nae sarang ijen bonaejoolggaeyo
goodbye, my love. i’ll let you go now.
giuk choouk modoo ijeulggaeyo
the remembrances and the memories, i’ll forget them all
jioogo jiwuhsuh sarang hanjumdo biwuh nelggaeyo
i’ll erase and erase and empty out every drop of love
nae mamaesuh
from my heart

duh shigani jinamyun nuhleul ijeul jool alatneundae
i thought i would forget you as time goes by
dashi ddo dashi nun nae mamsokae chajawa
but you keep finding your way into my heart again and again

andwaeyo nae sarang bonelsooga ubneyo
i can’t.. i can’t let go of my love
geudel geudel ijuhya haneundae
i have to forget you, you
jioogo jiwuhdo naegen ddo geudae bboonin gabayo
no matter how much i try to erase
i guess you’re the only one for me
mian haeyo
i’m sorry

credit back to crazykootie@soompi for the lyric

got to find the No One Cries Because They wanted..Later I will post the lyric

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~ by Qea Heart Kpop on June 13, 2009.

34 Responses to “8Eight – Goodbye My Love mp3 Download!! Romanization & Translation Lyric!!”

  1. you are the best! i was looking for this!
    thank youu (:

  2. thx haha but jinwoon is from 2am wortss haha anw the song is super damn niceee and i luv kim so eun she super pretty omg =)

  3. I AM IN LOVE WITH THEIRR SONG! thank youu i been wanting to download this songg…<3

  4. thank you very much. i feel exactly the same. really love its MV and then easily fall in love with the song.

    i have to confess that the first time i saw this MV, i cried..

    some memories popped up in my head.. and it hurt inside my heart.

    ‘goodbye my love’.. that’s tearful words..

  5. thanks for the romaji and translations!
    greatly appreciated!

  6. thankiu 4 d download link.i rily appreciate it, u rily help me here ^^

  7. many many kamsa!!!^^~

    thank you so much !

  9. i love tis song, i cried when i watch the mv XD
    thanks for the romanji and tranlsation
    now i love this song even more!

  10. thank you so much for the dl link..

  11. thanksss
    you made my day….

  12. Wow, thank you! You are so good! *love* *kiss* *hug*

  13. hi..thanks!!

  14. Hey, thanks for uploading the song. This song is very nice and the Mv is perfect + the translation and romanization is superb =) thanks.

  15. Thanks for providing those mv and downloadable mp3..
    Also for the translation. 谢谢

  16. thnks so much for the mp3~ i loovve 8eight! thnks for the translations as well! 🙂

  17. Thank you sooo muuchh… I love this song so much!!! Nomu nomu komawo yoo…!!

  18. thank you so much for uploading!!!

  19. Thanks so much!!

  20. i love this song nad eight

  21. i really love this song 🙂

    and the story

    so sad but really beautiful

    wew it reminds me something 🙂

    thank you for the Translation


  22. i js lobe the songs of 8eight…there heart touchin voice……. thank you for the lyris

  23. 감사하다 친구. :]

  24. ❤ this song n this lyric ^^
    hwhw ~

  25. mateus

  26. HEY THANKS! this song’s lyrics are very meaningful 😀

  27. thx thx.. its d 2nd time i use ur web to save my fave lyric..*1st is super junior* gamsahamnidaa c:

  28. i love this song

  29. thanx
    i like this song

  30. 8eight rocks~ :D:D:D:D:D wish they would release another album this year… 😀 how nice that would be

  31. 감사합니다.. i love this song.. when i first saw it, my tears started to flow naturally.. its very touching.. thanks again.. 감사합니다~

  32. Woww.. This song was the best song ever i ever heard.. When i saw this song, i started to cried.. It’s very very touching.. Thank you so much for the translation 🙂

  33. This song is the soundtrack of my love story…

  34. oh my, am crying caus the lyric 😥 how sad.. btw, thanks for the lyric!!

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