OMG!!What happen to you onew??


omg..I do cannot believe this..

since i’m so busy packing my bag n buy stuff for going back to campus..I totally don’t have time to online..

the king of pop is rest in peace n suddenly Onew??my hubby r faint n slipped in the MusicBank stage??r u sick??or Music bak stage r just stupid crew??

I heard sungmin Suju also got hurt bcoz of MusicBank stage..

I heard after 2NE1 perform with their rain the stage r still wet..n  onew slip after that..

please next time clean the stage first before u let any of the artist to u see..onew r slip n fainted

first Onew slipped while he was performing Juliette,then light r bump to you..2 accident in a day??

but thank god he’s ok now..

my eyes r teary after reading that he fainted..n aftersaw those picture n watch the clips..omg..I just couldn’t stop crying..

the structure holding up the lights became loose..and one of the light fixtures fell right towards the unsuspecting Onew.

Luckily, his Super Junior sunbaes Siwon and Kyuhyun prevented the fixture from hitting him, but the shock of the whole ordeal caused SHINee’s leader to faint.

He was carried backstage, and due to signs of psychological distress, was taken to the hospital.

While the video looks frightening, SM Entertainment has released a statement saying that Onew is now stable will be resting for the time being.

Onew’s famous sangtae (condition), while often churning out amusing moments, is really starting to pose a danger to the young man.

This incident, coupled with his earlier tooth-breaking accident, is displaying a slightly disturbing trend for SHINee World.

The weirdest part of the Onew Condition is that many of his strange moments are not even his fault – they just sort of happen.

Hopefully physics will be kinder to the leader in the future.

news from

the onew sangtae is getting worst right now..but it’s not what he just happen to him cause the fault of others..

please next time make sure your prob n stage don’t have any porblem..what a bad stage of MB..


SNSD girls reaction to onew been felt from the light structure..

anyway Onew or ondubu..Fighting!!!

please forget bout making sangtae…just focus on your safety!!we love u more than your sangtae..

Poor Onew! He just recovered from the tooth accident and now he got injured again! We, the fans’ heart cant take it anymore if he con’t to get hurt! Just by today, 2 unfortunate incident happened to him. He slipped during the perf due to the slippery floor(2NE1 umbrella perf) and lter he fainted due to the huge lighting structure that fell which gave him a great shock. But luckily saved by Kyuhyun & Siwon (Super Junior) who managed to prevent the structure from falling!

first Onew was still smiling and chatting with others.

after that..Onew already fainted! He was held by his manager who were standing beside minho! he was already unconscious by then. he probably suffered from great mental shock!

He is probably tired and stress from all the recent promotional activities that why he fainted when he saw the huge light equipment went falling down.

Onew’s santae(condition) is worrying us!

We fans get so worried about him! I hope he is alrite and plz plz really no more accident! This is so frightening!

*Onew was taken to the hospital immediately and is reported that he is alrite now!

taking from>>kahboon@youtube

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on June 28, 2009.

7 Responses to “OMG!!What happen to you onew??”

  1. too much prop on the stage.and maybe some careless supervision from the crew itself lead to the accident.lucky he’s safe.lots of things happened on the same day MJ passed away.hurm..hurm..

  2. yeah izza..I think is the Michael Jackson cursed..

  3. Omg.. I hope hes ok now … Plz no more accident!!

  4. Omg.. I hope hes ok now … Plz no more accident!!
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  5. letak r twittter awk kt sini…leh update awk nyer download…follower awk leh get update nanti…

  6. your blog is great! keep inform us with the latest news ok! thank u very much!!

  7. I’m a huge fan of Onew and I love him so much..BUT , he fainted?! isn’t he a lil bit too sissy?! the light equipment fell , so what?? why does he even care? was Onew in charge of that?! Onew , him ne!

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