Boys Generation Gee Perf. r the Best Gee Perf. Ever!!Jaebum Pink Tight!!


OMG..this Boys Generation r killing me..from laughing too hard

hahaha..did u guys watch the Gee Perf by the Boys Generation??

they all r totally the funniest..

Shindong,Eunhyuk,Sungmin,Yesung,Key,Jaebum,Taecyeon,Nickhun n Jo Kwon r dancing to Gee song..cutest member that they could pick!!

I wonder why they don’t pick Heechul also??He will be the funniest n the best(since he already dance to Gee song before in intimate notes!really cracks me up!!)

Jaebum,Yesung n Sungmin really have more lines then other lol!!

especialy looking at Jaebum dancing n singing…ahhh..he is like a stick..

so stiff..hahaha..but he is the funniest one..with the pink tight??hahaha..too funny!!he even make a cute mistakes while dancing!!ahh..Jaebum u took my heart again!!soo dorky..

I know Jo Kwon will be the most overacted..looking at him make me puked..haha..really annoying face looking..eventhough I know he is not that annoying in real life..

n I also know that Key,Sungmin n Jo Kwon will rock the dance of Gee..their body r more gentle n not that stiff as others..

n there is nothing else to say bout Nickhun..he’s too cute!!!The cutest member of BG!!haha..


n I just can’t believe my eyes…Taecyeon!!!my sexy beast r dancing to Gee song..hahaha..He’s to cute..with his high it makes the dance looks akward!!

I love him the most of the BG!!

n Yesung r just manly..u cannot change that!!he’s still manly looking..not like others try to make their body more gracefully..

Yesung r still the Best!!Too Cute..i’m faint!!

Sungminnie r soo graceful!!I couldn’t believe this..I even more stiff than him dancing to Gee..hahaha..

I know Key will remeber all the steps lol..He’s the Umma right??haha..I want to see Taemin dance to the Gee song..It will be cute enough..(hmm..i’m not expecting onew to dance Gee song..cuz I know it will be soo akward..I meant himself)

Shindong n Eunhyuk r just them..they will make a good rap song for Gee..I love the rap part of Gee!!The Best!!

this Performance r too funny!!Just laughing to the whole Performance..but jaebum really cracks me up!!

Jaebum-ah..just be the tough guy ok..u look dorky lol!!

Taecyeon..Love your orange tight!!

I want to see more of this boys dancing to the hit song of  G-group of kpop..It will be the history of the world!!haha..

n guess what??my brother say r they Gay or something?? just being dorky!!

w04854n I Just Love Taec!!My Sexy Beast Teeth Taec!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on June 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “Boys Generation Gee Perf. r the Best Gee Perf. Ever!!Jaebum Pink Tight!!”

  1. jay can be the next heenim.keke.he always remember most of the girls group’s dance step.dorky seattle lideuja.jay-my brand of heroin.*okay i’m such a rabid fangirl.keke*

  2. lol..izza I know u’re Jaebum hard fans..haha..soo dorky laeder..but my heart still stick too Taecyeon..oppss..forget onew also!!

  3. OMG, LMFAO i laffed so hard, im sorry if i offend anyone, but this is my 1st time listening to boys generation and all that, but are they gay? im sorry again

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