Girls Generation – Genie Mini Album Download Link!!All Song Included!!

SNSD - Comeback1

ok..before this i’m only posting Genie n Etude song right??
so here is the link for all the song in the mini album..

i’ve got to say Jessica Duet with Onew r just the best track in the album..

since I love onew tooo much..I think the duet r good enough..hehe..Just Love the song..It’s ballad

1st SNSD – Genie Tell Me Your Wish

every one know right the impact of Genie right now??but for me I love Gee more..I still cannot move the gee song from my head..Gee syndrome lol!!

their comeback performance r hot..with more short short..u see I have to put 2 words of short..since the short is more shorter than usual..haha..

but I really love Taeyeon hair..really2 beautiful!!n Yoona with shorter hair make she looks really like little girls..CUTE!!

Girls Generation – Genie mp3 download Here!!

2nd SNSD – Etude

Etude don’t have a big inpack soo much..but I still like the song..pretty good to listen to it..

a tips for all the girls who still single n still thinking why u dont hav BF yet??

so listen to this song ok??haha

Girls Generation – Etude mp3 download here!!

3rd SNSD – Yeoja Chingueya/Girlfriend

I don’t know but I don’t like the song soo much..sound like an anime song theme..

I though their song r gonna have a different a bit..Like more grown up song..but it dissapointed myself..

they still bring the cute2 song things..but sorry..I’m bored with it..

Girls Generation – Girlfriend mp3 download Here!!

4th SNSD – Namja Chingueya Boyfriend!!

I Love U!!

yeah same catchy as Girlfriend..Boyfriend..I sent this song to my BF..hope u like it..eventhough u will definately don’t understand a bit of the song..hahaha..just enjoy it ok!!

Girls Generation – Boyfriend mp3 download Here!!

5th SNSD – Fairytale

well I wish my life will based on fairytale..

what am I talking bout??Ignore me..on the evening my mind r lost again n I’m totally writing crap right now!!!haha

Girls Generation – Fairytale  mp3 download Here!!

6th Jessica Feat Onew(SHINee) – One Year Later favourite track!!

it’s ballad..well u know Onew voice r really good with Ballad song..but between this song n Onew duet with Lee Hyun Ji..I love Vanilla Love more..

but this song r Great too..but i’m not jessica fans..well I think her voice r pretty good enough..

lol..just listen to this song if u r one of ballad song lover!!it’s Superb!!I meant the song..

Jessica feat Onew – One Year Later mp3 download Here!!

Owh..forget to tell..the lyric of the Genie mini Album will be post in another post..not here..later I will put up the post

Psss>>> Don’t forget to credit

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if you taking the song link out lol!!

Please at least give me some

comment..I love it


A big ❤ TQ!!

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more faster updates there..TQ again!

Before post of SNSD Genie ALbum dowload>>

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on June 30, 2009.

11 Responses to “Girls Generation – Genie Mini Album Download Link!!All Song Included!!”

  1. […] New post of Genie Mini ALbum DOwnload..please go here for all th song in this Genie Mini Album download>>… […]

  2. i like the song ‘girlfriend’.^-^ thanks for the link^-^

  3. I love how we have a similar taste in music.
    Thank you so much for the links and compressions (:

  4. Genie … 1 world to say… Awsome
    Girlfiend.. ok
    Boy friend… I love it
    Fairy.. sr sr i haven’t listened yet
    1 year later.. i think it each of them sing alone, the will better then due, and the male version is good the the female. Sica is not suitable with this song
    Love S9

  5. hey there!..thks for the dl it very much..esp Sica’s & Onew’s duet.. is it possible for u to put up the roman ver of this song too?…thks a million!

  6. hi thanks for being so awesome 😀

  7. GBU girl! nice to know you.. why don’t we be friends, anyway? lol!
    contact me @ or my blog.

  8. hi!!! thanks for the download link for !!! i love Onew too!!!

  9. thanks for the link and info ! rockin web .

  10. hi thanks for being so awesome x

  11. where is the link i cant find it
    and how do i download it

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