F.T Island – Vol.3 Cross & Change Album Download!I Hope mp3 Download Link!!

lol..my boys r back with a new album??huhu

but most of the song in the album r totally ballad n sad2 song..

I wish they have more catchy song..

ahh..i miss jaejin a lot..but I don’t like his new hair..a bit like Taemin aight??

ugly!!haha..no..no..he looks like neardy..

n I don’t know why i’m starting to feel in love with SeungHyun..he’s a dorky new guy..n the 6ixth Sense Saram..haha


ol..I’m gonna just put half of the song in the album..

will be back posting the other half link for all the song in the album..

finish uploading..yeah too much work..

there is too much song..like 12 like that??put me a lot of effort..haha

yeah I’m kind of lazy right now..got to udaped my personal blog also..

yeah I have a personal blog..feel free to visit..it just open to Malaysian reades only..cuz it’s in malay

so here the link to download the song..

I will review it later ok!!

1. F.T Island – Bing Bing Bing [mp3]

I love this song just because Jaejin sing that’s all..just ignore his weird hairstyle

2. F.T Island – I Hope [mp3]

The best track in the album..I just love the chorus

3. F.T Island – The Angel and the Woodman [mp3]

a regggie song..I think..hehe

4. F.T Island – Hateful and Graceful [mp3]

I feel like I already listen to this kind of song..I meant from their previous album..

5. F.T Island – Boy Meets Girl [mp3]

lol..first time read the title of the song I thougth it a catchy song..but It’s absolutely not..it’s a really sad song..a song bout u’re first love..I remember mine..hehe..how bout u??

6. F.T Island – Marry Me [mp3]

this is a bit more catchy than other song in the album..but the first catchy song is I Hope i think.lets stop dating n just marry me..haha..school love kind of song

7. F.T Island – It’s Not Necessary [mp3]

another sad song..do’nt know what to say..to much ballad sad song..I wonder how hongki is so young really sang into the sad song??hmm

8. F.T Island – I Knew From First Sight [mp3]

I though this is Jason Mraz song..haha..no lar..this song r more lively..wtih just the guitar beat make the song fell breezy…hehe..I love this song more..story line bout u’re love ones..

9. F.T Island – Let Go/Send Away [mp3]

Ok..this one is my favourite ballad song in the album..u can hear SeungHyun n Jaejin voice in here..I love the two dorky!!

It has to be you,I can’t live without you.Because I love you, because I love you…some of the arumdawa lyric

10. F.T Island – The Ugly/The Fool [mp3]

lol..love the begining rap part..n Seunghyun rap don’t remind me of Wonbin no more..hehe..his totally his..n again Jaejin n Seunghyun part r cute!!cute catchy song!!

11. F.T Island – You Don’t Know My Feelings/Make Little of Others [mp3]

the last ballad song..but this time the piano beat r just the best..I bet Jong Hun play the piano lol!!He’s superbs!!

n it suppose to have 12 track but the last track is the same song as the 2nd track..yeah I Hope song..

the lyric will be in another post!!will be back posting the Link for the post!!

the rest of the track will be updated soon once im’ finish uploading

Psss>>> Don’t forget to credit

and comment me back

if you taking the song link out lol!!

Please at least give me some

comment..I love it


A big ❤ TQ!!

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more faster updates there..TQ again!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on July 28, 2009.

31 Responses to “F.T Island – Vol.3 Cross & Change Album Download!I Hope mp3 Download Link!!”

  1. Thanks for sharing!!^^
    Searching for this album mp3 link since yesterday…
    really really thank you!!^^

  2. Hello. Thank you for this great info! Keep up the good job!

  3. Didn’t understood the last part :s could you explain better please?

  4. thank you! I really liked this post!

  5. many thx for sharing this ^^

    gonna get the album soon …

  6. huhuhu…thanx!!!really feel amazed coz at last i’ve got the chance 2 hear their hot songs….

  7. thank u for upload ft island album.i lov their song.i hav all their album. my fav song so far is bing bing bing.thank u again for upload this album.ft island sarangheyo.primadona fighting

  8. thanks for the upload. i’ve been looking for f.t island’s recent songs. you’ve been a great help. THANKS!

  9. thank you for sharing! Love FT Island!

  10. thank you so much for sharing!

  11. thank you for sharing! i just discovered ft island and i’m absolutely in love with them! thank you so much!!!

  12. I just found out about FT Island and decided to get their album and I’m loving it. SeungHyun is SOOOOOOO cute he is JJANG!!! x

  13. thank yooo soo much!! ^O^

  14. thanx so much (:

  15. thanx..i love these boys ^^

  16. thnkz a lot…


  18. Thanks so much!. 😀

    Im a new F.T. Island fan so its a great help..
    Godbless. :]

  19. thanx for sharing…
    ur an answer to my prayer.. lol..

  20. thank u so much for the dl links!! *hugs*

  21. I love f.t island …………
    I hope their will be parts in You are Beautiful………
    Lee Honh ki saranghae!!!!!!!!!

  22. i hope their will be parts 2 in your are beautiful with lee hong ki…….

  23. thank you so much. 🙂

  24. kamsamnida
    Lee HongKi’s the best

  25. hahaha..taemin???taemin shinee??…i like him you know..hehe..
    and also jae jin..they’re so cute…hemm..why you don’t have a “after love” song in this blog…i really like that song…but not here…~~~

  26. thanks FOR YOU 😀

  27. thanks for uploading their album…super love it!!

  28. Thank you very….much

  29. Thanks for your sharing ! searching for a long time !
    do you have tau yang album? i love the track of wedding dress

  30. 감사합니다 !!
    The album is great… and Lee Hong Ki voice is still so… you know^^ just waaaaaaah! ^^
    Thank you very much for your hard work!

  31. tnx a lot for sharing :):)

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