Onew & His Colourful Undies!!Exposed!!


dubu with his colourful undies right??

check out this pic

Calvin Klein Undies

ahh..the pic is too big..but I don’t want to resize it..cuz u will never see his blue Calvin Klein Undies..hehe

n now check another Calvin Klein undies that he wear but in diff colour

Orange Undies

is orange lol!! he is wet n his orange undies r exposed!!!

ahh..I just love this guy..I bet this orange undies is calvin klein too..cuz I see sumone before wearing the same type of undies..ahemahem..shh..i’m not gonna tell u who’s wearing it!!haha

n here is his black undies..more sexy!!ahha!!

Black Undies

lol..i’m speechless..



…the end..

all pic credit to




~ by Qea Heart Kpop on August 1, 2009.

9 Responses to “Onew & His Colourful Undies!!Exposed!!”

  1. shocking post!
    LOVE it

  2. eee…tak senonoh…undies pon tunjuk…ape la awk ni…

  3. i love the post! (:

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  4. jay used to wear calvin klein orange undies.xp

  5. Hmm…you spotted them well.

  6. lol..izza..I know that too!!I saw before jae’s wearing the same CK orange undies..
    who wear it better??haha
    I think onew wear n exposed it better!!

    yeah NyNy!! spotted them really3x well!!haha

  7. b-b-but jay show us his gorgeous abs XD

  8. haha any malay reading this? im so crack up! how on earth did you guys/girls manage to notice something like this? omo! I JUST LOVE IT.hahaha thanks for sharing this and left me drooling at his undies<333

  9. Lol Qima!!Malay read this??u, me,my sis n izza basically!!I dont know others..but I guess a lot of anoynamous out there that r malay raed this too!! ^o^ onew r too cute!!

    stop your drooling dear!!dh berbesen2 dh ni!!hahahaa

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