Checkered Shirt!!Tired Mood!!Fasting Month Comin’

Qea Mood >> Tired of going to class . The timetable r totally packed for the whole week(in the fasting month it’s gonna get more packed uuhh!!) . Feel angry of no chance of going home . Happy cuz the fasting month is COMIN’!! first time fasting at the hostel without the family .

DSC02179 edited2

eyeing for this boyfirend kind of shirt!!Long Red Checkered


why im in love with the checkered shirt nowadays??hmm..

Currently listen to KARA – Mister song . Totally love the song . Addicted to the song !! . aNd have a mood of dancing to  4 minute Hot Issue song . starting to love Baek Ji Young song with the sexy beast taecyeon!! . my ears candy .

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on August 19, 2009.

5 Responses to “Checkered Shirt!!Tired Mood!!Fasting Month Comin’”

  1. Hey girl,

    Great collection of songs. You are my lifesaver. 🙂

    Don’t suppose you can get your hand on MC Mong’s latest song? Its quite catchy and danceable.

  2. do u meant the Indiana Boys by MC Mong??
    Im also not sure bout the title of the song..
    btw I will try to find the song later n put the link up later ok??

  3. oh i like the checkered shirt style!! bery nice 🙂

  4. lol Katt78..I’ve put the link for MC Mong song at the song download feel free to downlaod at there k!!

    n jaani..I love checkred shirt too!!Its a trend now

  5. qea..i luv diz style oso..
    tp qea taw x shop mana yg jual shirt ney shj??

    p/s:request..qea,can u help me..ley crkan x t-ara&supernova-Time to love mp3..

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