G-Dragon Solo Album – Heartbreaker mp3 Download Album Link!!


sorry to say but I don’t like soo much of the song in the album..I prefer him with the group than be solo..but still he have his chance of making his solo..n out of 5 I will give him 4/5..hehe..im’ a kind person lol!!nope..I think this is one of good album..an new kind of fresh song!!I know GD is one of talented hip hop singer!!

but there r a lot of featuring in the album like TEDDY,CL & Dara from 2NE1,Kim Gun Mo,KUSH,Jin Jung & Big Bang member Taeyang..

the tracklist in the Album

1. G-Dragon – Heartbreaker mp3 link

the brand new GD..haha…anyway I kind of like the song..especially the chorus..love the chorus ONLY!!

2. G-Dragon – A Boy mp3 link

sound bit diff..

3. G-Dragon – Breath mp3 link

Like the chorus too!!

4. G-Dragon – Butterfly(feat Jin Jung) mp3 link

owh finally some of kind diff sound..a bit slower rap..n techno a bit..

5. G-Dragon feat Dara(2NE1) – Hello mp3 link

I really like this song!!sounds cute..n Dara voice just suites the song with GD..she’s got cute tiny voice..

6. G- Dragon feat Kim Gun Mo – Gossip Man mp3 link

I don’t know why,wherever I think of Kim Gun Mo I started to laugh..he’s just one funny old guy..haha..yeah he’s sing at the chorus..n u just can spot his one of a kind of style of sing..

7. G-Dragon ft. Taeyang – Korean Drama mp3 link

R&B plus rap..hmm..nice

8. G-Dragon ft. Teddy & CL(2NE1) – The Leaders mp3 link

the begining of the song n the chorus bit similiar to Kyu Jong Solo song..Wuss Up3x!!but I really love CL..this song have a lot of rap..n she sound like she’s not korean at all..her rap r just the best!!

9. G-Dragon ft. KUSH – She’s Gone mp3 link

wow GD rap r too fast..

10. G-Dragon – Station 1 Year mp3 link

Station 1 Year??lol..

the post for the lyric will be in another post..I will only post the lyric if sumone ask for it ok??cuz i’m kind of busy to post the lyric..but if sumone ask for it..I will just squeze in my busy-ness n post up the lyric!!

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~ by Qea Heart Kpop on August 23, 2009.

32 Responses to “G-Dragon Solo Album – Heartbreaker mp3 Download Album Link!!”

  1. thanks for all

  2. Thz you ja *3*

  3. thx

  4. I love the album. 7/10 are great for me:
    – 소년이여 (Boy)
    – Heartbreaker
    – Breathe
    – Hello (feat. 다라)
    – Gossip man (feat. 김건모)
    – Korean Dream (feat. 태양)
    – The Leaders (Feat. Teddy,CL)

  5. hahaha heartbreaker..the beginning sounds a lot like right round. well thanks for the uploads and your opinions on the songs. 😀

  6. Thanks alot. 🙂 I appreciate every link u posted. (LOL)…

    Love ‘Hello’ too. :))

  7. Thank you so much. You’re the best.

  8. thanks for the link… ^^

  9. thanks

  10. ty

  11. thank you for every song
    LUV U

  12. i like all songs.addicted.hoho.hey!4minute’s mini album is already out.it is a must to listen.my second addiction.

  13. thanks so much

  14. lol..izza..im too busy wif study right now..test,assigment sume kena ciap sblom RAYA!!mati la I!!..that’s the reason I dont upload the 4 Minute new album yet..^-^!!yeah it’s my fav album right now too!!

  15. Thanks alot sweetie x

  16. Thank U sooooooooo much.I luv all of them.

  17. thanksssssssssssssssss =D

  18. thanks for the album

  19. thank you so much ^^
    I heart heartbreaker ..

  20. thank u! Love u!

  21. thnx very much!!!!!!! i just saw this guy’s “breathe” music video on a friend’s facebook recently, and he was adorable, so i wanted to try hearing some of his other songs.

  22. thank you for sharing..^_^
    good job!!! >_<

  23. thanks. rly rly appreciate it. 😉

  24. Thank you so much ^^

  25. Thanks a lot ^^.
    Seriously ~!!

  26. Thx so much *o*
    Love whatever he sings

  27. hi! do u still have some links for the other albums of kpop or jpop artists specifically Big Bang,Super JUnior, F.T. Island TVXQ/DBSK..pls. reply.. tnx..
    and thank you for the links for the GD songs..

  28. 사랑해요

  29. woah..
    thanks for all this..i juz ‘learn’ to luv big bang..haha

  30. Thank you! 😀

  31. Thank you a million times! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that you made all of this available!

  32. thanks for sharing

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