B2ST(Beast) – Bad Girl (Beast Is The B2ST) mp3 And Album Download Link!!


lol..both two group rookie r just HOT!!

between this two group..hmm..I LIKE BOTH!!hehe

n they have change their group named after debut from B2ST to Beast..I think both names sound the same.if u say the 2 in B2ST in hangul it suppose to pronounce as”ee”..so..beest!!kekeke..sound same right??maybe they think that the B2ST name r just too difficult to understand..hehe..

but why must they debut on the same day??you know it’s gonna be a tough competition..n SHINee also gonna release their song for the 3rd Mini Album in the same week..

but both group MBLAQ n BEAST including SHINee r growing good!!Happy with it!!

but now i’ve got to support my onew first..hehe..since SHINee also comeback with the 3rd Album n new hot song!!


Tracklist  and download link for the album:

  1. Beast is the Best>>download link<<
  2. Bad Girl>>download link<<
  3. Mystery>>download link<<
  4. 아직은 (Not Yet)>>download link <<
  5. Oasis>>download link<<

please click the download link next to the song title to download the song.TQ!!

lol..what I see from the group is they have their own kind of unique style..love their style and their song.

I really like the magnae.DongWoon.why everyone compared him to nickhun?they said that he looks more like thai guy.but actually he is pure korean. n the netizen said that nickhun look more like korean than him.kuikuikui.I think he is just cute!!YoSeob the blondy hair  r also cute!!he is the new trendsetter!!

Previous YJ, JYP and M-boat trainees Jang Hyun-seung, Yoon Doo-joon, Son Dong-woon, Yang Yo-seob and Lee Ki-Kwang’s (previously known as AJ)  are the member of the group. How come from solo you exchange to group?? usually from group than you going out as a solo..

I think AJ r popular enough..maybe less popularity by the netizen since he’s solo..now with group he is more appeal than being solo.he already overshadow all the members since he’s already a star before.n Aj r just getting more hotter(*0^)!!with his abs(he remind me off Jay-short n hot.except that he’s not the leader).


but I love their kind of song more than MBLAQ.. I dont know bout you..but I love the promo song Bad Girl. The producers are Lee Sang Ho and Shin Sa Dong Tiger (Lee Ho Yang), who in the past have composed 4minute’s “Hot Issue” and “MUZIK,”

and I also hope they r good at dancing too!!

B2ST song  r more like 2PM but MBLAQ sound fresh unique kind of song..

im’ sorry rain but u need to improve your group more lol!! actually I expect a lot from this new Rain group.but still im’ a bit dissapointed.

that is only my opinion

so as usual enjoy all the song!!

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and comment me back

if you taking the song link out lol!!

Please at least give me some

comment..I love it


A big ❤ TQ!!

n for more new song please go to Song Download Here pages at the top right of the Site!!

more faster updates there..TQ again!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on October 15, 2009.

48 Responses to “B2ST(Beast) – Bad Girl (Beast Is The B2ST) mp3 And Album Download Link!!”

  1. Thanks

  2. thankssss

  3. thnk you 😀

  4. Thank you so much! I really like ur input on the CD 🙂

  5. thanks ^^

  6. Im so inlove with B2ST’s Oasis.. Such a great song.
    I like MBLAQ’s Oh Yeah and My dream.

    Anyway, thanks a lot!

  7. thanks xD

  8. thanks for sharing 😉

  9. Great!!Love it!thanksXD

  10. You need to encode these songs in higher quality…

  11. cheeeeeeers. quality of the songs aint amazing on Bad Girls though, any chance you know the UK release date ?

  12. ther sooo hot i luv lee gi kwang!!!!

  13. thanks for the songs i like the 1st song 😀

  14. hehe XD they are great! ^^
    and i’m happy for SO-1
    big YAY for him ^w^

  15. (: Ur the best 😀 & Much thankiess for the songs :3

  16. i really love b2st<333
    lee ki kwang is really hot too! ^^
    btw… you got spelling errors. D:
    thanks for the download links. 😀

  17. Thanks so muchhhhh
    Beast Go Go

  18. thank you soooooo much

  19. Thanksssssssssssssss very very much !!!!!! i love B2ST ♥

  20. i love beast…beast kaja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I love the guy in beast with cool glasses+cool hairstyle kekeke~ btw thanks!!

  22. thanks so much for the links!!! XD i soooo love DongWoon!~ such a pretty boy. X3 KiKwang is soooo mouth watering!!! Go BEAST!!! WE ARE BEAUTY!~

  23. thanks so much for the links!!! i sooo love DongWoon!!! such a pretty looking boy!~ roflmao.. KiKwang is sooo mouthwatering!!! Did You Know??!! This is my first time to be able to accept the K-POP evolution?!!O.O iam sooo loyal to J-POP you see..=.= Go BEAST!!! Beast is the B2ST!!! WE ARE BEAUTY!! [doki!doki!]

  24. s0 B2ST…..!!!
    Whoa……really2 luv them…expecially..my DooJoon 0ppa…!!!
    i like all of their s0ngs….their v0ice r really best….
    ~~~b2st is the best~~~
    thankz 4 upload their link….

  25. Thank you (: I was lookinq everywhere !

  26. ahjikuhn, ahjikuhn~
    I love Bad Girl too, it’s my favourit song right now!

    I was looking for more beast songs everywhere, thanks for uploading!Do you own the album or something?

  27. Thank you soooo much 😀

  28. thanks,
    p.s: I LOVE YOU 🙂

  29. who is BEAST-say noo
    whyy did you not???

  30. best of all T_T

  31. j’aime beaucoup B2ST (k) i love you

  32. Thanks..i lurve them all.

  33. thkx.. i hav been looking for a looonggg time.. ^^

  34. Thanks!

  35. 고마워..

  36. oh! i love bad girl and i love b2st (beast)

  37. oh! my god I love b2st and your songs and you and your dancing I love b2st the game much I wish they were with me then I’d kiss them

  38. hey, thanks 😀
    i want to download Beast say no to my girlfriend.
    can you give me the link?

  39. 고마워..


  41. i love b2st, im fall in love with hyunseung..he’s so funny n cute with his amazing voice
    i love b2st’s song–say no, breath, n fiction etc..
    B2ST is the best !!!

  42. i love b2st i want say with u

  43. thanks

  44. 고마워!!!! U-U
    I like Mystery!~~
    I love Function most!~~

  45. i like`t the song so mush 🙂
    ilove (beast)

  46. i like

  47. thanks 😉

  48. I Like Beast Your is the best,oppa jang hyun seung,lee Gi Wang,Jun hyung,yo seop.

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