SHINee – 2009,Year Of Us Mini Album Download Link!!Onew solo song:The Named I Loved!

200910141437411002_1Ok . finally the album r out guys!!

kekekeke (^0^)!

I heard that the album release has been postponed.I don’t what is the cause.but they said that the album that suppose to be release on 19th October will be postponed till 22nd October.

“We found problems to several songs on the albums so we had to recall every copy to make new ones,” SM Entertainment said in a press release. The albums were set to go on sale today.

SM added that however, the digital versions to all six tracks listed in “2009, Year of Us” were released on online music sites including Melon and Dosirak.

credit:K Bites

still the mini album r out.till the full release u guys just enjoy all the song in the album first Ok!(*0^)!

got to say all the song in the album got it kind of unique styles of song.the beat that u never heard before. the African Congo rhythms with contemporary color while making use of electric synthesizers. The strong sounds and beats of the songs will capture listeners’ ears right away.

as usual please hit the tilte song for the download link

1. SHINee – Y.O.U mp3 download

kind of like it.the song reminds me of some of the late Michael Jackson song. it’s’s mremind me like the 80’s song.the song r like electirc techno pop that slow.I don’t know what is African Congo’s slow but it’s not ballad.ok just listen to the song.then u will understand what I said.bcoz of the beat of the remind me of funeral song.kekeke(“-“)!!very sad slow techno pop beat.

2. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong mp3 download

since the song is more catchy than others(I pick as the 2nd best song after The Named I Love) that’s why it’s the release song.I still in love with the song.very2 addictive.the ringdingringding.kuikui.although I think most of the song is been dominated by jonghyun.still I love it.

3. SHINee – JoJo mp3 download

this song is quite OK. but the beat is almost but not that similiar to the Y.O.U song.this more the catchy part.I don’t know who is this JoJo.but I  love the song. Jo Jo

4. SHINee – Get Down mp3 download

I hate the song.hehehe.i’m just doesn’t suit my’s more like rap song.the beat it’s more like to hip hop.but Minho n Key have alot of part to song in this song.since it’s more to rapping.others just sing the part.Get Down.nananana.this song is especially for Key and Minho.Key cool cat r funny!

5. SHINee – SHINee Girl mp3 download

I love the SHINee Girl song.catchy dance song. n I don’t want to be SHINee girl.I want to be Onew Girl ONLY.kekekeke. the song really put me into dance.LOVE IT.the song is short.!

6. SHINee – The Name I Loved mp3 download

I’m sure this is onew solo song!!!I heard only his voice.even the beat I know that this is onew song.the mellow ballad song.the piano.only onew suit to this kind of song.the beat is totally different from most of the song in this album.but i’m still not sure if onew only the one sing in this he singing with other guys?.I meant not SHINee member.other artist cuz there are some diff kind of voice that is not familiar to me.not SHINee.only Onew wif somebody(he sound bit similiar to onew.but still onew voice r more soothful)kuikui.i’m not sure who.if u guys know just tell me OK??kuikui.I only want Onew solo song.Listen to the song really getting me from missing to onew more.I want to watch him in more reality show.miss his sangtae.Listening to him is like eating marshmallow coated with chocolate.His voice r like chocolate.Listen to onew singing really make me teary.(“_”)

just for a dubu junior face.kekekeke.until now he’s still the cutie!!


ahhhhh..he’s just as dorky as he is when he’s young.cute!

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PIcture Post for the 2009:Year Of Us Mini Album

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on October 19, 2009.

18 Responses to “SHINee – 2009,Year Of Us Mini Album Download Link!!Onew solo song:The Named I Loved!”

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  2. ukyaaa!! i really love them! big thx for you qea! 😀

  3. thanks !!! =]

  4. Thankssssssssssssssssss

  5. what? marshmallow covered with chocolate? u should tell him about his voice.he’ll become full of surprise.
    & the album, it’s wonderfull as usual.
    tnx honey

  6. the name i love is actually a duet between onew and kim yeon woo =D i really love the song!! <33 btw thanks for the download link xD

  7. lool onew is sooo cute!!! >_<
    thankyou for the songs!!!
    : )

  8. wuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  9. Thank you ne~! I really love them!

  10. hi^^ thanks for the songs! love it very much 😀 will credit you for putting it^.^

  11. Tanx 4 da help YarHh . . !

    Gotta love it. .

    Tanx ‘Onew gal’. .

  12. hi^^ thanks for the songs!

  13. thankyou thankyu kamsamnidaaaa
    omgsh the onew gif is soo cute xD
    when i saw it, i literally fell off my chair laughing.
    what a dork 8)
    personally, im a taemin lover but thanks for the sonnnggggs

  14. jeongmal gomawo chingu ^_^

  15. Wow, thank you. I was surprised to find something like this. very convenient. you made my day. I bookmarked your blog. ❤ ring ding dong is my favorite. thanks again.

  16. thx

  17. hey thanks fr uploading here! gonna take some songs.. 정말 감사합니다! (:

  18. I love Onew and SHINee too
    Thank you for sharing these songs ♥

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