2 PM – 1.59PM Album Download Link!!Heartbeat Mp3 Download Link!


Their first Album but without the laeder JAe

hmm..sad bout that.but still happy that the boy r still going strong n come out with the album with just the 6 of them

but I do really hate their styles..mostly r the hair..all of them looks weird n U…

the hearbeat song r growing on me..LOVE IT!!!

Tracklist and the Download Link(as usual please hitthe song title)

1. 2PM – My Heart.mp3
2. 2PM – Heartbeat.mp3
3. 2PM – Tired of Waiting.mp3
4. 2PM – I Was Crazy About You.mp3
6. 2PM – Back 2U.mp3
7. 2PM – All Night Long.mp3
8. 2PM – Heartbeat (Red Light Mix).mp3


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Please at least give me some

comment..I love it


A big ❤ TQ!!

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more faster updates there..TQ again!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on November 16, 2009.

18 Responses to “2 PM – 1.59PM Album Download Link!!Heartbeat Mp3 Download Link!”

  1. AHHH!!
    yess thankyou!! ^_______^
    love the song toooo <333333333

    oh, do you by any chance have the solo song my Park Bom? You and I ??

  2. Its not really my favorite genre, but I love the way it sounds. Great job!

  3. jaan..I’ve already post the You and I song
    u can check it now!

  4. Dear, im downloading these songs.. thanx for sharing!

  5. Thank you very much^^

  6. Hi…..

    Thanks so much for the song….

    I like 2 pm song and kpop of course….


  7. many thanks

  8. Thanks for sharing… I love it so much^^

  9. thanks

  10. thanks for the link with the good quality ^^ I

  11. thanks for the link!!! much appreciated!!

  12. took this. thanks so much! 🙂

  13. hi qea. I’m lee min ki fans too. thanx 4 the download link.

  14. Thank you soooooo much 😀

  15. Hey, is this a new band? Like their music – downloaded:) Thanks alot for sharing!! 🙂

  16. Oh pls remove my link to my blog lol, forgot this is public:)

  17. Hi my name is afsaneh . i am iranian . i love s korea . i allow al the news about korean artist( singers- dancers – actor,…).i love 2PM . be successful.i hope that i see you in skorea very soon.kamsahamnida.sara ne..

  18. hello i come from iran (tehran). ilove you and 2PM too . thank you for share these song .

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