Nia – Goodbye Album mp3 Download Link!(new group you cannot miss out!)

new girl group.or should I say band girl??

they said that this group are the second brown eyed girls??I can see the number..but not the song

and please erase the 2nd word.they should be the 1st.I meant just be Nia.Not the 2nd one.cuz people will compare I do now.

they said Nia as the “Second Brown Eyed Girls” bcoz Nia want to debut like BEG.BEG debut as the “singer without a face” means that they want people to judge their singing capibilities first.not their faces like most of the idol do now.

promote their beautiful+cute face but lack of talent in singing.they don’t need to dance to promote their group.just a beautiful music.

and they play instrument btw! no not so much like F.T Island.some people also said that they are the Girls ver. of F.T Island. but they are totally not.

bcoz F.T Island bring pop+ballad rock.but Nia are more to slow-ballad rock. and I can see Nia are a bit resemble as The Nuts group more than F.T Island.if u don’t know The Nuts group please search for it.they have great indie music!

but the leader thAt play drums r totally rockish looking!!love the style!n the singer r one beautiful girl.

so here the link!

Nia Goodbye Album Tracklist!(hit the song title to download)

1.Nia – Goodbye (Song Ver.) [mp3]
2.Nia – Goodbye (Rap Ver.) (Feat. Mino Of Free Style) [mp3]
3. Nia – Everynight [mp3] (Fixed!!)(sorry for the broken link before!)
4. Nia – A Good Day For Sunshine [mp3]

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~ by Qea Heart Kpop on December 3, 2009.

11 Responses to “Nia – Goodbye Album mp3 Download Link!(new group you cannot miss out!)”

  1. thank you! I’m starting to love them

  2. thank you so much for those links!you’re the best!

  3. thank you! really appreciate it. ps you are missing ‘everynight’ the link is the identical to the rap version of ‘goodbye’.

  4. heyyy when i try to dl 3. Nia – Everynight [mp3]
    the media folder comes as song 2 instead x]

  5. sorry bout the Nia – Everynight song!
    will fixed it!

  6. are they good?
    I’ll get the songs^^”

  7. thanks for the links 🙂

  8. thankyou! 😀

  9. thank you…for the links…

  10. Thank you sooo much 😀

  11. i love NIA..
    i love that song which is called “GOOD BYE” makes me cry when i hear it i love it so much ^_^

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