sorry for da long silence guys

I haven’t been updated tis blog since like month2 ago.

yeah.like I said b4.I totally lost my interest n soul for kpop

I don’t know why.And now i’m still trying to find every piece of kpop tat I could remember(sound like I lost some of my memory lol!(^_^)!hahaha)

maybe i’m too busy n tired of hard core study tis sem make me almost forgot bout Kpop.Luckily it’s sem break.I lost every source tat could make me near to kpop.I haven’t been watch TV for 3 months!waahh!feel like living in a cave!hahaha.eventhough I never get away from internet but still I’m too busy wif my FB than updating bout kpop.kekeke.MY FAULT!

trying t gain back my soul for kpop.surpisingly I don”t know tat 2PM already out with new single!waa..n also C.N Blue,KARA,Super Junior,Rain….ahhh…n many more!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on May 10, 2010.

One Response to “I LOST MY SOUL FOR KPOP!”

  1. Sweet site, I hadn’t noticed qeagrumpygirl.wordpress.com before in my searches! Keep up the great work!

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