Super Junior – No Other 4th Repackaged Album Download Link!

ok!here the full song for the repackaged album!=)officialy release today!

1 word!SPEECHLESS!=))

well.i’m crying listen to A Short Journey.Yeah.that’s the song that Donghae  n Eunhyuk write&compose Kangin r singing for the song!when Kangin started to singing my eyes just teary.I will miss him after he go to military service.this song just heartbreaking.if u understand the lyris it’s really2 touchable.I’m glad they gave much line for Kangin since he will be gone for 2 years.n when he’s back suju will united back as 12+1.I want Hangeng too!.they will always be 13 in my heart no matter what!

This repackaged album really prove that Super Junior can sing well!Ballad,Dance,Catchy..anything!they just nailed it!stop saying they cannot sing antis!I just love this Album!

but I love All My Heart more.reason>eunhyuk rap.pluss++ all of their sweet voices!=)

Please click the title song to download!

Super Junior – No Other 4th Repackaged Album

01 No Other (너 같은 사람 또 없어)
02 Shake It Up! (Remix Ver.)
03 All My Heart (진심)
04 A Short Journey (여행) Kangin features!

pic credit>allkpop

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A big ❤ TQ!!

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~ by Qea Heart Kpop on June 28, 2010.

17 Responses to “Super Junior – No Other 4th Repackaged Album Download Link!”

  1. thanks for the links… ^^ ill post it in my blog.. i’ll credit you… BIG THANKS TO YOU! mwuah! Super Junior fighting!! ^^

  2. thank u
    and i took all of them =)

  3. thank u~~~~
    love it…love it…love it…

  4. thank u sooo muuuuutch

    i’v been serching for it

    thank you agin ❤

  5. thanks so much for the links.
    i’m gonna miss youngwoon… :/
    SuJu and ELF fighting! 😀

  6. thank u 4 sharing.. ^^

  7. yayy! thanks so muchies 😀

  8. heyyyy thanks you so much for the link. iloveyou! I’m downloading all the songs :))

  9. I love the songg..
    thank u for the share 🙂
    hope we can be friend to share everything about korea artist 😀

  10. thank u for the link.. ^^

  11. super THANKS….
    Super junior addict 🙂

  12. THANK YOU so much !!!!!! ❤

  13. they’re SOOO HOTTTT!saranghae to SuJu!fighting!

  14. i’ve download d songs..
    thnx 4 d sharing..
    saranghae SuJu!! ❤

  15. thank you for the link..
    luv it..

  16. me gusta yesungxk canta bie es muy musculoso tambien el k canta bien es eetuk y siwon pero mas me gusta yesung y tambien por sus ojos tan lindos y en la k canta bien es en its you y no other

  17. thank you again sooo much!

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