SHINee – Lucifer The 2nd Album Full Download link!

O.M.G! I don’t know what to say.btw…sorry for the late post.I’ve been busy studying n got only short time to updated.mian!!=)

anyway..i’ve just watch them perform their comeback stage in MB..hmm..poor minho.but u still looks hot on the chair!=)hehehe

One word bout the 2nd Album concept.

  1. I hate Jonghyun hair. The most! the hairstylist should made him looks more hotter than before but in the end his hair looks like porcupine!please3x change his hairsyle as soon as posibble!
  2. I’ve got to say that my ONEW!=) hehehe…really growing as a man.namja ya!namja! HOT!he’s really shines in my eyes the most!hahahaha…bias much??yupp!long hair?hot!with a bit growing muscle??totally a big HOT!oowwhh!
  3. Admire of Taemin hair!he’s a hair trendsetter!hahahaha…is it?Love the hair the most.but I still see his as a magnae.don’t know why.bocz he’s still have the cuteness behind that long hair of him.
  4. Key! ahahahaha..another hair trendsetter! at first I was like whaattt happpeeennn to Key hair??!!but in the end I like suits him!ok like the diva said..he’s suits with any styles!yes i’m agree with you!hehehehe
  5. Minho! I knew it that u have chocolate abs! I always though that SHINee’s the only group that r innocent(no abs,no work out things)but then I realize.they have been growing up.they need abs n muscle to looks like they’ve grown much! I love Minho short hair!hehehe.back to replay short hairstyle.eventhough I think he looks hot with long hair but short hair make him looks matured enough!

Back to the album…hmmmm…I LOVE ALL THE SONG!!=) but I think SM should work more harder to find a good song than these.please.these boys got talent!they sing live perfectly!SM should pay more attention to them.don’t be bias n only focus on the girls group.if u know what I meant.but it’s great to see these boys trying something new like autotuned song.Lucifer really growing on me.I love the different in SHINee. that’s what makes them diff to other boys expectation r high lol for their 2nd album.since fans have wait long enough for their comeback.maybe I need time to love all the song. my fav right now r A-yo,Lucifer, Life ( bcoz onew n jonghyun mellow voice!ahh!Love it!n also Love Pain)

Please click the song title to DOWNLOAD!TQ!=)

SHINee – The 2nd Album `Lucifer`
01. UP & DOWN
02. Lucifer
03. Electric Heart
04. A-Yo
05. 욕 (Obsession)
06. 화살 (Quasimodo)
07. 악 (Shout Out)
09. Your Name
10. Life
11. Ready or Not
12. Love Pain
13. 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On)
SHINee – Lucifer Full Album Download Link! [rar]

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~ by Qea Heart Kpop on July 23, 2010.

6 Responses to “SHINee – Lucifer The 2nd Album Full Download link!”

  1. ondubuuu….saranghae……….

  2. Kyaaaa…. I love their song! I like lucifer n there’s one song that’s wrote by Onew oppa!

  3. kawaiiiiii….onew looks cute. der new song lucifer is awesome da beat is great. ~JoJoKiss ciao

  4. wow shinee look very handsome and tough….

  5. Sweet blog, I hadn’t noticed earlier in my searches!
    Keep up the wonderful work!

  6. sweet

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