Sorry ! Temporary Closed-No More Update!

dear readers

I’m really sorry that currently I cannot updated my blog anymore

hmmm…pity me,due to my busy university life, i’ve got no time to updated this blog or even FACEBOOK-ing!

i’m only in the 2nd year but still my timetable r totally pack!with tons of assigment,presentation n test at the same times..woohhoo…I even don’t have time to breath easily now!

well…sorry again. I hope u guys will still supporting me after this. I need more free time but i’m afraid that I don’t have any lol.anyway enjoy your kpop world!yyeehhaaa!!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on August 25, 2010.

One Response to “Sorry ! Temporary Closed-No More Update!”

  1. I’m really sad that you cannot update you’re blog… I really like this blog,, and you’re comment sometimes make me laugh hehe…. I think we have the same taste of music that’s why i like you’re blog… keep studying hard and enjoy kpop too… fighting !!!

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