B2ST(Beast) – Mastermind 3rd Mini Album Download Link!

oowhh…my boys are back!!wwoohoo!

Miss them much!

but the new single album..hmm..the song are quite ok.but not into me soo much..hmm..I hope the Performance will make me Love the Mastermind & Soom song..like I love their other song before..I know Beast will not dissapointed me!=)

Clenched Fist r quite ok..listen to their ballad song are way impressive for me!

but V.I.U are just DAEBAK!!!!and Soom too!B2ST Jjangg!I’m speechless right now!they just blown me away??how could that be??before this only onew can blown me away..right now i’m offcially b2ST no.1 fans!!!

Beast – Mastermind 3rd Mini Album
Please Click the song title to download!Tank U!=)
01 Mastermind
02 Soom (숨)
03 V.I.U (Very Important U)
04 Break Down
05 Clenched Fist (주먹을 꽉 쥐고)
>>Beast – Mastermind Full Album [rar]<<

Go here for their 4th Mini ALbum Download!!>B2ST – Lights Go On Again 4th Mini Album

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comment..I love it


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~ by Qea Heart Kpop on September 28, 2010.

14 Responses to “B2ST(Beast) – Mastermind 3rd Mini Album Download Link!”

  1. woooow kawaii I love BEAST, Thanks for the album

  2. thank youuu~ 😀

  3. Kamsa hamnida! yeah, I’ve missed them so. ^_._^

  4. thank you for the link,,, sooooo beast is the best 😀

  5. huuaaa…. >.<
    Thank u very much. I really2 need those songs. I'm B2uty. ^^v

  6. thanks .. 🙂

  7. thanks for sharing :))

  8. i love soom so much!!!
    i really wish to buy this album..
    thank u so much for this!! ;o)

  9. thank you for the sharing..really appreciate it.. keep it up 😀

  10. kamsahamnida..

  11. thanx dear.. i shall dl this now ^^

  12. it doesn´t work 😦 there are no files D:

  13. hey..thanks a lot ya…love from asia!..weee

  14. taken and credited at kpopmusicdownloads.tumblr.com

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