Miss A – Step Up 2nd Single Album Download Link!Breathe mp3 Download Link!


typically JYP song…I can think of wonder girls while I’m listen to the Breathe song..ahaha..you can totally detect jyp type of song..anyway..I’m Totally Love The Song!!

My body are totally absorb with the Oh..Oh..Oh..I can’t breath part(after watch the MV)!!ahahaha…really2 addictive!

the song are really kind of stuck in my head right now…ehehehe..eventually..eventhough I love this rookies group soo much but competing this october with SHINee comeback are a big no..no..no..!=)..ehehe..I’m a fan girl ok.please bare with my bias..kekekeke..btw I think Breathe song r quite interesting but others not that great..especially Play That Music,DJ are not suppose to be in the album..the song too typical

Miss A -Step Up 2nd Single(please click the song title to download!Tank U=)!)
01 Step Up
02 Breathe
03 Are U Dazed
04 Play That Music,DJ
>>Miss A – Step Up 2nd Single Full Album [rar]<<

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~ by Qea Heart Kpop on September 28, 2010.

12 Responses to “Miss A – Step Up 2nd Single Album Download Link!Breathe mp3 Download Link!”

  1. thankyouuuu XD

  2. Breath is a good song 🙂

  3. ThanX sweety ^^

  4. Thanks.

  5. Thanks so much

  6. Thenkyuuuuu ..
    i very love miss a ..
    Suzy noumu Saranghae ..
    hehehe ..
    how about you ?

  7. Thank you ♥ I looove miss A ♥

  8. I love you thanks for the song

  9. Thank you

    Suzy is cute ^^

  10. big thx

  11. thank you sooooooo~ much! tried to find these everywhere :3

  12. Omg, thanx a bunch. I love miss A soooo much.

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